Yeditepe University

30,000students number

established in

  • The most important aspect that makes Yeditepe University unique among other universities is that it provides to all its students the high academic quality, social opportunities, foreign language instruction and campus facilities at the highest international standards.
  • The teaching language at the University is English in addition to another 7 different languages are offered as a second language, making its graduates take a big step.
  • Offering academic studies ranging from physical sciences to social sciences, from fine arts to health sciences and educational sciences, Yeditepe University offers its students the opportunity to earn a dual or secondary faculty, and study abroad to meet the needs of the developing world.
  • In addition to academic studies, Yeditepe University contributes to the personal development of its students through 45 clubs and activities for students on campus. Also, Yeditepe University was ranked among the best universities with its sports activities success.
  • , Yeditepe University is a leading institution in Turkey in terms of higher education which cooperates with more than 700 leading universities around the world including Europe, USA, Russia and the Far East, giving priority to cooperation projects between “universities and industry”  Which is successfully completed , and thought to be extremely beneficial to the students.
  • Yeditepe aims to improve the quality of education by increasing its contribution to industry and society, conducting scientific studies, and developing its project by contribute to society as an academic institution.
  • The university also aims to conduct its scientific studies, increase the number of international conventions and patents and more qualified graduates.



Expenses After DiscountLanguageYEARSFaculty
 EN6 yearsMedicine 
 EN/TR5 yearsDentistry
   $ 18.500EN5 yearsPHARMACY
   $ 14.500TR4 yearsFaculty of Law
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsEconomics
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsBusiness Administration
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsPolitical science and international relations
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsPublic relations
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsPolitical science and international relations
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsE-commerce and technology management
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsEnglish Language and Literature
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsinformation Systems and technology  
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsInternational Business and Commerce
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsinternational Logistics and transportations
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsadministrative data system
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsTourism and Hotels Management  
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsAnthropology
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsEnglish language and literature
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsHistory
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsMathematics
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsPhilosophy
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsPsychology
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsSociology
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsTranslation and interpretation
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsTurkish Language and Literature
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsJournalism
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsVisual communication design
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsPublic relation and publicity
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsRadio, cinema, and television
   $ 12.500EN4 yearsArchitecture
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsArchitecture and interior design 
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsIndustry products design
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsInterior  Architecture
   $ 8.500EN4 yearsComputer education and technology education programs
   $ 8.500EN4 yearsMathematics primary Education Programs
   $ 8.500EN4 yearsEnglish Teaching Programs
   $ 8.500EN4 yearsTurkish Teaching Programs
   $ 12.500EN4 yearsComputer engineering
   $ 12.500EN4 yearsMedical equipment  Engineering
   $ 12.500EN4 yearsElectrical and Electronics Engineering
   $ 12.500EN4 yearsIndustrial Systems Engineering
   $ 12.500EN4 yearsBioengineering and genetics
   $ 12.500EN4 yearsNutrition Engineering 
   $ 12.500EN4 yearsCivil Engineering
   $ 12.500EN4 yearsMaterials Engineering and Nanotechnology
   $ 8.500EN4 yearsNursing
   $ 8.500EN4 yearsPhysiotherapy and rehabilitation
   $ 8.500EN4 yearsNutrition and  Nutritional Science
   $ 9.500EN4 years Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
   $ 9.500EN4 yearsGraphic design
   $ 9.500EN4 yearsFashion design
   $ 9.500EN4 yearsFine arts and painting
   $ 9.500EN4 yearsArts management
   $ 9.500EN4 yearsTheater
   $ 10.500EN4 yearsPreparatory year

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