It is a test designated for qualifying post-doctoral students as stipulated in the Basic Law, But besides that, this exam is permitted by undergraduate students who wish to complete postgraduate studies (MA and PhD) to qualify them to obtain the foreign language certificate necessary for that study, But students must first check  the universities that they aspire to study in, and inquire whether this certificate will be accepted or not.

The test content

 It is a test that includes 80 questions and it includes vocabulary and grammar , completing sentences, translation from and into Turkish, reading texts, completing conversations, paraphrasing, which means finding the closest sentence to the meaning, completing a paragraph, finding a sentence not related to the paragraph.

Test mark

The test score is 100 scores evenly distributed over the questions.

Types of UDS test

This test consists of two types: a direct written examination, and the other online via the Internet, and they are similar in terms of questions, the duration of the test, the validity of the certificate, etc. The exam is held every month.

YDS test languages

English, German, French, Arabic, Greek, Farsi, Spanish, Italian, Russian.

Where is the UDS test takes place

It is offered in exam centers located in major cities, most likely  in universities, while in other cities and regions exam centers can be opened according to the requests received.

Important Notes

  • The student can apply to take the online test 4 times in a