SAT is abbreviation for “SAT Suite of Assessments”

The test created and administered by the College Board. The purpose of the SAT is to measure a high school student’s readiness for college, and provide colleges with one common data point that can be used to compare all applicants.

SAT test types:

SAT 1: This type of test is for English and Mathematics.

SAT 2: This type of test is for several subjects, including biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and often this type is for  students who applying to study in some Arab and Turkish universities.


English Reading section

It consists of 52 questions within 65 minutes, and the questions are diverse, which it aims to measure the capabilities of the applicant in understanding the syntax

It contains strange and varied vocabulary of humanities, literary novels, social and natural sciences, there is a set of SAT books in which the most common words are found.

Writing section

This section focuses on English grammar and consists of 44 questions within 35 minutes and it has two types of questions:

The first type: It consists of a group of questions that require you to identify the mistake and correct it in the sentence, and this depends on your abilities in the English language.

The second type: The applicant in this type is required to write an essay, and often the essay topic is about expressing an opinion on a specific topic and the writing period does not exceed 25 minutes.

Mathematics Section

It consists of 58 questions and does not exceed 80 minutes and consists of two parts:

The first section: where the answer in this section is without using a calculator and it consists of 20 questions within 25 minutes.

The second section: is mathematics using a calculator, and it consists of 38 questions within 55 minutes.

Note :  The questions for the mathematics departments revolve around the following themes:

  • Numbers and operations
  • Algebra and functions
  • Geometry and arithmetic
  • Data analysis, statistics and probabilities

Registration for this test is through the official website or through the centers specialized in this type of test