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About Ozyegin University:

– In 2007, the University of Ozyegin was established to be a unique university that contributes to social development through its modern educational system, innovative and integrated structure, and academic approach. The university was described as a “university for research on entrepreneurship” and is working on developing new projects capable of commercial exploitation.
– Ozyegin University is ranked 1828th globally and 32 at Turkish universities.
– VIP’s graduated from Ozyegin :
European Champion in Swords Fencing

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Ozyegin’s vision, mission, and values:

We are a research university in the field of projects, and in all our programs we aspire to be one of the top ten universities in Turkey, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, one of the top 200 universities around the world, in addition to reaching recognition of our university at the national and international levels. Employers will notice the difference that will be made by the graduates of our university .
The mission of the University of Ozyegin is to create, share and apply knowledge in the service of society, where our applied research agenda creates new knowledge. Applying such knowledge generates economic benefits for society through start-up companies and improving the efficiency and productivity of existing companies.
Main Values:
– The leading values in the university are freedom, flexibility and diversity
– The university is interested in defending academic freedom and institutional independence

Ozyegin’s location and campuses:

The university of Ozyegin is located in the Asian part of Istanbul city, on the forest ST in Nişantepe ,and it has two campuses:
– Çekmeköy campus, quiet, peaceful, green space, and beautiful design, designed by a leading architectural company, the same company that designed the buildings of Cambridge University and Princeton University, so it got a certificate as the best campuse.
– Altunizade Campus

Ozyegin university’s features :

– The university has two schools, three Graduate schools and six faculties with different specializations. It is also one of the few universities that provide aviation training in English .
– When you choose Ozyegin University, be sure that you will have a unique experience, as it has one of the most beautiful university campuses in Turkey, and it has its beautiful design and green spaces that give students a feeling of comfort and quiet, and that helps them study better.
– The university has been ranked among the top 10 universities in Turkey on the index of pioneering and innovative works over the past four years.
– Characterized by its distinguished teaching staff as most of the academics in the faculty are patent holders and its articles have won international awards.
– The university has a huge library containing more than 61,000 books and 529,000 E-books in addition to 3,400 DVDs and more than 120,000 electronic scientific articles where both students and academics can find all the information they want in one place.
– The university has a huge sports center and has more than 28 sports teams in addition to a fitness Hall, Olympic swimming pool and basketball and football fields .
– the University includes a large number of scientific research centers, and laboratories so that students can access theoretical and scientific education to be able to enter into practical life after graduation with all readiness . Özyeğin university is the most university that spend large sums in the field of scientific research and knowledge and has reached to 10 million pounds per year .
– Ozyegin university has obtained the recognition of many Arab countries, the most important of which is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Republic of Egypt, and other Arab countries
– The university is seeking to graduate students who are ready to enter working life with experience and qualifications to leave a mark in the companies in which they work or their private companies. The most distinctive thing about Özyeğin University is that it provides job opportunities for all the students who graduated from it, most of whom are employed with the help and support of the university.
– The university is distinguished by its international agreements and partnerships and most important of which are:
Turkish Civil Aviation Professional Company “IG”
French cooking art company “Le Cordone Blue”
International Swiss Hotels

Özyeğin University Faculties and Departments

Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Hotel Management  4 EN $6000
Electrical And Electronics Engineering  4 EN $7200
Industrial Engineering  4 EN $7200
Mechanical Engineering  4 EN $7200
Civil Engineering  4 EN $7200
Engineering Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics  4 EN $7200
Civil Aviation And Airports Administration  4 EN $7200
Architecture  4 EN $7200
Psychology  4 EN $7200
International Relations  4 EN $7200
Business Administration  4 EN $7200
International Trade And Business  4 EN $7200
Social And Human Sciences  4 EN $7200
International Trade  4 EN $7200
International Finance  4 EN $7200
Economy  4 EN $7200
Entrepreneurship  4 EN $7200
Information Systems Management  4 EN $7200
Industrial Design  4 EN $7200
Communication Design  4 EN $7200
Interior Architecture And Environmental Design  4 EN $7200
Gastronomy And Culinary Arts  4 EN $7200
Computer Science  4 EN $7200
Professional Aviation Training  4 EN $13000
Law  4 TR $7200
Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2 Years EN 11716$

Ozyegin university’s dormitories:

The student dormitory at the university is designed to meet all the students’ needs. It can accommodate 2,479 students who have different options for single three- or four-room rooms and live in a warm atmosphere as if they were in their homes. In addition, each room includes a bathroom, a refrigerator, a television, water services 24/7, a wireless internet,
Student housing includes the following services:
– Security and Emergency Services 24/7
– Free laundry rooms
– Group study rooms, halls, guest reception rooms
– Cinema, TV rooms, entertainment halls
– small cafeterias, markets, cash changers
– Stadiums, basketball and volleyball, as well as a tennis court and a fitness center

Housing  1-2-3 Semester Fees (TL) Semester Fees (USD)
Single room with Bathroom 7.875 TL 2.700 USD
Double Room with Bathroom 4.950 TL 1.820 USD
Room for 3 with Bathroom 3.850 TL 1.410 USD
Room for 3 / No Bathroom 2.950 TL 1.080 USD
Room for 4 with Bathroom 3.100 TL 1.140 USD
Room for 4 / No Bathroom 2.525 TL 920 USD
Housing 4
Single room with Bathroom 7.875 TL 2.910 USD
Double Room with Bathroom 6.575 TL 2.210 USD
Room for 3 with Bathroom 5.300 TL 1.790 USD
Housing 6
Single room with Bathroom 8.275 TL 2.910 USD
Double Room with Bathroom 6.900 TL 2.210 USD
Room for 3 with Bathroom 5.575 TL 1.790 USD

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The University accredited by :

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Özyeğin University Pictures

Özyeğin University Location

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If you are interested in studying at Ozyegin university , you can contact the educational advisor via  Whatsapp

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