Okan University

Okan University

Registration and admission is

University discount

6000 $ – 12000 $

3500 $-23000 $


  • Okan University, one of the youngest and the most dynamic universities of Turkey, was founded by Okan Culture, Education, and Sports Foundation in 1999 and began its academic life in 2003-2004.

Istanbul Okan University is one of the best private Turkish universities that teach Medical Programs such as: Medicine and Dentistry.

  • True to its motto, “The University Closest to Business Life,” Okan University effectively combines theory and practice by employing an academic staff who are experts in their own fields, adopting a contemporary approach to education, and focusing upon practice-oriented studies which prepare the students for business life, starting from students’ very first year of study.

Okan University features

  • The university contains research centers and training centers.
  • It contains advanced facilities include modern classrooms, computer and technical labs, a library, conference halls, a fitness center, a swimming pool, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and restaurants.
  • Okan University has cooperation protocols with business institutions such as:
  • the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey
  • Turkish – Eurasian Business Council
  • Association of Turkish Travel Agencies
  • Turkish Airlines

as well as academic institutions such as Beijing University, Murray State University and Anadolu University.

Important note for students who want to study professional aviation:

Students pay the expenses of aviation training other than tuition fees every year. The expenses of aviation training amount to 52 thousand euros, these expenses over the four academic years, The student pays these expenses in installments from the second year until the end of the graduation year.

Students will also undergo a full medical examination inside Istanbul, first-class medical examination for pilots, The university will determine exclusively the name of the hospital in which the student performs the medical examination, and the student must adhere on doing this examination in the hospital.

On the basis of this medical report, it is determined whether the student is eligible to complete registration in this specialty and start studies or not.

Departments and Programs of Istanbul Okan University

ProgramYearsLanguageFees After Discount
Professional Aviation4 YearsEN8000$
Medicine6 YearsEN22.000$
Medicine6 YearsTR22.000$
Dentistry5 YearsEN19.000
Dentistry5 YearsTR19.000
Nutrition and Dietetics4 YearsEN4600$
Mechatronics Engineering4 YearsEN4600$
Software engineering4 YearsEN4600$
Automotive Engineering4 YearsEN4600$
Electrical and Electronic Engineering4 YearsEN4600$
Bioengineering and genetics4 YearsEN4600$
Mechanical engineering4 YearsEN4600$
Industrial engineering4 YearsEN4600$
Computer engineering4 YearsEN4600$
civil engineering4 YearsEN4600$
Architecture4 YearsEN4600$
Finance and economics4 YearsEN4600$
Business Administration4 YearsEN4600$
International Relations4 YearsEN4600$
Tourism and Hotel Management4 YearsEN4600$
International logistics4 YearsEN4600$
Arabic translation and interpretation4 YearsArabic4600$
Chinese translation and interpretation4 YearsCH4600$
English translation and interpretation4 YearsEN4600$
Russian translation and interpretation4 YearsRU4600$
Law4 YearsTR4500$
Psychology4 YearsTR8000$
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation4 YearsTR4500$
Child development4 YearsTR4500$
Nursing4 YearsTR4500$
Nutrition and Dietetics4 YearsTR4500$
Health Management4 YearsTR4500$
International Finance4 YearsTR4500$
Business Administration4 YearsTR4500$
International Relations4 YearsTR4500$
Logistics and transportation4 YearsTR4500$
International logistics4 YearsTR4500$
International Trade4 YearsTR4500$
Accounting and financial management4 YearsTR4500$
civil engineering4 YearsTR4500$
Industrial engineering4 YearsTR4500$
Earth Geology Science Engineering4 YearsTR4500$
Fashion Design4 YearsTR4500$
Cinema and television4 YearsTR4500$
New Media4 YearsTR4500$
Industrial product design4 YearsTR4500$
Visual Communication Design4 YearsTR4500$
Interior Design4 YearsTR4500$
Aviation and Airports Sciences management4 YearsTR4500$
Sociology4 YearsTR4500$
Psychological counseling and guidance4 YearsTR4500$
Special Education Teaching4 YearsTR4500$
Preschool Education Teaching4 YearsTR4500$
Special Needs Education4 YearsTR4500$
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts4 YearsTR4500$
Management information systems4 YearsTR4500$
Public Relations and Advertising4 YearsTR4500$
Architecture4 YearsTR4500$
Mathematical Sciences Department4 YearsTR4500$
Theater4 YearsTR4500$
Music4 YearsTR4500$
English language studyOne YearEN5000$
English language study (for Dental, Medicine and Aviation Training Programs)One YearEN8000$
ProgramThesisLanguageFees after discount
Electronics and Energy Systems MScThesisEN6.000 $
Advanced Electronics and Communications Technology MScThesisEN6000$
Architecture MScThesisEN6000$
Mechatronics Engineering for Cars and Smart Vehicles MScThesisEN6000$
Business Administration MScThesisEN6000$
Business Administration MScWithout ThesisEN6000$
Business Administration MScWithout ThesisTR6000$
Business Administration MScThesisTR6000$
Banking MScThesisTR6000$
Translation Studies MScThesisTR6000$
Educational Administration and Supervision MScThesisTR6000$
Economics Rights MScThesisTR6000$
special rights MScThesisTR6000$
gastronomy and culinary arts MScThesisTR6000$
Real Estate Finance and Valuation MScThesisTR6000$
Entrepreneurship MScThesisTR6000$
Clinical Psychology MScThesisTR6000$
Social Developmental Psychology MScThesisTR6000$
Fashion Design MScThesisTR6000$
Logistics Management MScThesisTR6000$
Accounting and Auditing MScThesisTR6000$
Pre-school Teaching MAThesisTR6000$
Painting MScThesisTR6000$
Marketing and Sales MScThesisTR6000$
Cinema and Television MScThesisTR6000$
Tourism Management MScThesisTR6000$
International Relations MScThesisTR6000$
International Trade MScThesisTR6000$
Local Administration MScThesisTR6000$
Physical Science Management MScThesisTR6000$
Music MScThesisTR6000$
Human Resources Management MScThesisTR6000$
Social and Cultural Studies MScThesisTR6000$
Computer Engineering MScThesisTR6000$
Information Systems MScThesisTR6000$
Architecture MScThesisTR6000$
Civil Engineering MScThesisTR6000$
Occupational Safety and Health MScThesisTR6000$
Urban Transformation MScThesisTR6000$
Engineering Management MScThesisTR6000$
Explosive Engineering MScThesisTR6000$
Nutrition and Dietetics MScThesisTR6000$
Nursing MScThesisTR6000$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation MScThesisTR6000$
Health Care Quality Management MScThesisTR6000$
Health Care Management MScThesisTR6.000 $
Child Development MScThesisTR6.000 $
Sports Physiotherapy MScThesisTR6.000 $
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology MScThesisTR6.000 $
Aesthetic Dentistry MScThesisTR6.000 $
ProgramYearsLanguageFess after Discount
Business Administration PhD4 YearsEN12.000$
Mechatronics Engineering PhD4 YearsEN12.000$
Architecture PhD4 YearsEN12.000$
Business Administration PhD4 YearsTR12.000$
banks PhD4 YearsTR12.000$
Educational Administration and Supervision PhD4 YearsTR12.000$
Accounting and Auditing PhD4 YearsTR12.000$
Applied Psychology PhD4 YearsTR12.000$
Land Use Management and Planning4 YearsTR12.000$
Computer Engineering PhD4 YearsTR12.000$
Health Management PhD4 YearsTR12.000$
Nutrition and Dietetics PhD4 YearsTR12.000$
Dental Fillings PhD4 YearsTR25.000$ Annually
Orthodontic PhD (not available)4 YearsTR25.000$ Annually
Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Business Administration2EN3500$
International Trade2EN3500$
Civil aviation cabin services2EN3500$
Civil Aviation Administration2EN3500$
computer programming2TR3500$
Energy Facilities Management2TR3500$
Mobile technology2TR3500$
Finance, banking and insurance2TR3500$
Radio and TV2TR3500$
Construction technology2TR3500$
Aircraft technology2TR3500$
Space measurement2TR3500$
Architectural restoration2TR3500$
Occupational Health and Safety2TR3500$
cooking art2TR3500$
Tourism and Hotel management2TR3500$
Public Relations and Advertising2TR3500$
graphic design2TR3500$
Interior Design2TR3500$
Fashion design2TR3500$
Human Resource Management2TR3500$
Sports management2TR3500$
Local governments2TR3500$
Disaster management 2TR3500$
Operating room services2TR3500$
Child development2TR3500$
first aid2TR3500$
Nuclear medicine techniques2TR3500$
Health Organizations management2TR3500$
Medical documentation and secretarial services2TR3500$
Medical imaging techniques2TR3500$
Medical laboratory techniques2TR3500$
Care for the elderly2TR3500$
Single And Shared RoomsPrice list (housing + meal plan)
Standard Room For 43000 $ Annually
Standard Room (New Floor) For 43800 $ Annually
Standard Double Room5000 $ Annually
Standard Double Room (New Floor)5500 $ Annually
Standard Single Room7500 $ Annually
Standard Single Room (New Floor)8000 Annually
New Double Room6500 $ Annually
New Single Room9000 $ Annually

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