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About Okan University

Okan University is considered one of the distinguished Turkish universities and attracts large numbers of international students, because of the prestigious position it has achieved locally and globally in record time. And refine their capabilities in the interest of themselves and the interest of society.

Okan University is classified as one of the top 7 Turkish endowment universities, ranked 82 at the local level and 4255 globally, in addition to being accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and recognized in many Arab countries such as Jordan, Palestine, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.

It is one of the highly advanced universities in the fields of medical sciences and health sciences, as it has 5 hospitals of its own that provide students with the opportunity to receive practical training and clinical examinations in a realistic way, in addition to its interest in engineering disciplines such as aviation engineering, as it is considered one of the few universities who have succeeded in providing the professional program in aviation.

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When was Okan University founded?

Okan University was officially established in 1999 in the Asian city of Istanbul by the Education and Sports Foundation, under the motto “The University Closer to the Business World”.

Okan University mission

Okan University has set itself the task of providing individuals with sufficient experience, critical and analytical thinking skills in the field of business and commerce, and the ability to speak more than one language at the same time, to be able to communicate knowledge and benefit to the whole world.

Okan University also seeks to be able to continuously develop educational curricula and keep abreast of all fields, and enhance its education with modern educational methods and techniques to contribute to solving the problems faced by society.

The university works to get closer to its students and work as a team within the limits of knowledge and respect, to help them solve the obstacles they face and push them to do better.

The vision of Okan University

The university seeks to be a leading university with a prestigious position in the world and to be in the first ranks in local and international rankings with its scientific quality and dedication.

Okan University Campus

Okan University has 3 distinct campuses:

  1. Tuzla Campus: It is characterized by its contemporary architecture and keeping pace with all developments, and includes all facilities such as the library, computer labs, conference rooms, and sports centers, and what distinguishes it most is that it is located near Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

All faculties are located on the Tuzla campus, including the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, in addition to the student housing, which is 5 minutes from the campus, and the Hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry.

  1. Mecidiyekoy Campus: It houses the Institute of Higher Education, the Conservatory, the Aviation Programs of Vocational Schools, and the Mentoring Program.
  1. Kadıköy Campus: It houses the Graduate School of Education.

Quick information about Okan University

Okan University has 7 faculties, including the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, two vocational schools, and a conservatory, in which 68 bachelor’s programs, 77 master’s programs, 18 doctoral programs, and 70 associate’s degree programs are offered.

Okan University has a huge academic staff consisting of 2,240 academic members, all of whom are qualified and experienced.

The number of students at Okan University is 16,392, of whom approximately 1,480 are international students.

The number of medical laboratories is 41 laboratories, in addition to computer laboratories and 80 laboratories for other specialties.

If you are interested in studying at Okan University, you can contact the educational advisor via  Whatsapp

Advantages of studying at Okan University

– Studying at Okan University is not limited to the English language only, but the university is distinguished by its interest in the Russian and Chinese languages ​​in an effort to strengthen the commercial relationship between Turkey and the Chinese and Russian governments. Okan University is the only accredited center in Turkey for the Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language.

– Okan University contracts with many companies to give its students the opportunity to receive a training program that will give them professional skills and a certificate that confirms their practical experience at the end of the training and increases their acceptance of work in the future.

– Okan University differs from other Turkish universities in that it has a membership in the ISEP International Student Exchange Program, through which it contracts with more than 300 universities from 50 countries, in addition to the Erasmus International Exchange Program and several other programs.

– The educational environment at Okan University is rich in all educational and cultural activities as it owns more than 65 student clubs. , cafeterias and restaurants, shops, squash halls, a huge cinema, fitness center, indoor gym, jogging area, and most importantly, it owns the largest university library, which includes more than 562.491 books, magazines, and electronic resources.

Hospitals and some research centers at Okan University

  • Okan University Hospital.
  • Acibadem Clinics Complex.
  • Dental Hospital of Okan University (Tuzla).
  • Dental Hospital of Okan University (Mecidiyeköy).
  • Dental training and practice hospital.
  • European Union Research and Application Center.
  • Innovative design center.
  • Eurasia Center for Applications and Research.
  • Computer and Applications Research Center.
  • Center for the application of transportation technologies and smart car systems.

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Departments and Programs of Istanbul Okan University

Program Years Language Fees After Discount
Medicine 6 years EN  $20,500
Medicine 6 years TR  $19,500
Dentistry 5 years EN  $18,000
Dentistry 5 years TR  $16,500
Automotive Engineering 4 years EN  $4,500
Computer Engineering 4 years EN  $4,500
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 4 years EN  $4,500
Industrial Engineering 4 years EN  $4,500
Mechanical Engineering 4 years EN  $4,500
Mechatronics Engineering 4 years EN  $4,500
Software Engineering 4 years EN  $4,500
Architecture 4 years EN  $4,500
Genetics and Bioengineering 4 years EN  $4,500
Logistics Management 4 years EN  $4,500
Interior Design 4 years EN  $4,500
Business Administration 4 years EN  $4,500
International Relations 4 years EN  $4,500
Economics and Finance 4 years EN  $4,500
International Trade 4 years EN  $4,500
Translation and Interpretation (English) 4 years EN  $4,000
Psychology 4 years EN  $4,500
Nursing 4 years EN  $4,500
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 years EN  $4,500
Nutrition and Dietetics 4 years EN  $4,500
Pilotage 4 years EN  $8,000
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 4 years EN  $4,500
Information Systems and Technologies 4 years EN  $4,500
Law 4 years TR  $4,000
Business Administration 4 years TR  $4,500
International Relations 4 years TR  $4,500
International Trade 4 years TR  $4,500
Civil Engineering 4 years TR  $4,500
Civil Engineering 4 years TR  $4,500
Architecture 4 years TR  $4,000
Television and Cinema 4 years TR  $4,000
Interior Design 4 years TR  $4,000
Visual Communication Design 4 years TR  $4,000
Translation and Interpretation (Chinese) 4 years TR  $4,000
Psychology 4 years TR  $4,000
Translation and Interpretation (Russian) 4 years RU  $4,000
English Language Teaching 4 years TR  $4,000
Primary School Teaching 4 years TR  $4,000
Psychological Counselling and Guidance 4 years TR  $4,000
Special Education 4 years TR  $4,000
Child Development 4 years TR  $4,000
Nursing 4 years TR  $4,000
Nutrition and Dietetics 4 years TR  $4,000
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 years TR  $4,000
Civil Aviation Management 4 years TR  $4,000
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 4 years TR  $4,000
Information Systems and Technologies 4 years TR  $4,000
Public Relations and Advertising 4 years TR  $4,000
Sports Management 4 years TR  $4,000
Music 4 years TR  $4,000
Theatre 4 years TR  $4,000
Program Thesis Language Fees after discount
Power Electronics and Clean Energy Systems EN  $5,400
Information Systems EN  $5,400
Automotive Mechatronics and Intelligent Vehicles EN  $5,400
Artificial Intelligence Engineering EN  $5,400
Architecture EN  $5,400
Advanced Electronics and Communication Technology EN  $5,400
Business Administration EN  $5,400
Marketing EN  $5,400
International Trade Thesis EN  $5,400
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts EN  $5,400
Finance EN  $5,400
Banking EN  $5,400
Accounting and Auditing TR  $5,400
Television and Cinema TR  $5,400
Clinical Psychology TR  $5,400
Economic Law Thesis TR  $5,400
Economic Law Non-Thesis TR  $5,400
Educational Administration and Supervision TR  $5,400
Entrepreneurship TR  $5,400
Fashion Design TR  $5,400
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts TR  $5,400
Human Resources Management TR  $5,400
International Relations Thesis TR  $5,400
International Relations Non-Thesis TR  $5,400
International Trade TR  $5,400
Information Technologies Law Thesis TR  $5,400
Information Technologies Law Non-Thesis TR  $5,400
Local Administrations TR  $5,400
Logistics Management TR  $5,400
Marketing Communications TR  $5,400
Business Administration TR  $5,400
Music TR  $5,400
Painting TR  $5,400
Preschool Education TR  $5,400
Private Law TR  $5,400
Psychology Thesis TR  $5,400
Psychology Non-Thesis TR  $5,400
Public Law Thesis TR  $5,400
Public Law Non-Thesis TR  $5,400
Real Estate Finance and Valuation TR  $5,400
Sales and Marketing TR  $5,400
Social and Cultural Studies TR  $5,400
Sports Management TR  $5,400
Tourism Management Thesis TR  $5,400
Tourism Management Non-Thesis TR  $5,400
Translation Studies TR  $5,400
Architecture TR  $5,400
Civil Engineering TR  $5,400
Computer Engineering TR  $5,400
Engineering Management TR  $5,400
Explosives Engineering TR  $5,400
Geomatics Engineering Thesis TR  $5,400
Geomatics Engineering Non-Thesis TR  $5,400
Geotechnical Thesis TR  $5,400
Geotechnical Non-Thesis TR  $5,400
Information Systems TR  $5,400
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Thesis TR  $5,400
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Non-Thesis TR  $5,400
Occupational Health and Safety TR  $5,400
Urban Transformation TR  $5,400
Child Development TR  $5,400
Health Management TR  $5,400
Nursing TR  $5,400
Nutrition and Dietetics TR  $5,400
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation TR  $5,400
Quality Management In Health TR  $5,400
Sports Physiotherapy TR  $5,400
Program Years Language Fess after Discount
Accounting and Auditing 4 Years TR  $12,000
Applied Psychology 4 Years TR  $12,000
Banking 4 Years TR  $12,000
Business Administration 4 Years EN  $12,000
Business Administration 4 Years TR  $12,000
Television and Cinema 4 Years TR  $12,000
Educational Administration and Supervision 4 Years TR  $12,000
Private Law 4 Years TR  $12,000
Private Law 4 Years TR  $12,000
Architecture 4 Years EN  $12,000
Computer Engineering 4 Years TR  $12,000
Land Management and Land Use 4 Years TR  $12,000
Mechatronics Engineering 4 Years TR  $12,000
Endodontics 4 Years TR  $15,000
Health Management 4 Years TR  $12,000
Nursing 4 Years TR  $12,000
Nutrition and Dietetics 4 Years TR  $12,000
Orthodontics 4 Years TR  $          2,000
Periodontology 4 Years TR  $12,000
Health Management 4 Years TR  $12,000
Program Years Language Fees after Discount
International Relations 2 EN 3500$
Civil Aviation Cabin Services 2 EN 3500$
Civil Aviation Management 2 EN 3500$
Business Administration 2 TR 3500$
Aircraft Technology 2 TR 3500$
Architectural Restoration 2 TR 3500$
Civil Aviation Cabin Services 2 TR 3500$
Civil Aviation Management 2 TR 3500$
Computer Programming 2 TR 3500$
Construction Technologies 2 TR 3500$
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 2 TR 3500$
Electric 2 TR 3500$
International Relations 2 TR 3500$
Graphic Design 2 TR 3500$
Interior Design 2 TR 3500$
Justice 2 TR 3500$
Mechanic 2 TR 3500$
Mechatronics 2 TR 3500$
Mobile Technologies 2 TR 3500$
Occupational Health and Safety 2 TR 3500$
Sports Management 2 TR 3500$
Survey and Cadastre 2 TR 3500$
Anesthesia 2 TR 3500$
Audiometry 2 TR 3500$
Child Development 2 TR 3500$
Dialysis 2 TR 3500$
Electro Neurophysiology 2 TR 3500$
First and Emergency Aid 2 TR 3500$
Medical Imaging Techniques 2 TR 3500$
Medical Laboratory Techniques 2 TR 3500$
Operation Room Services 2 TR 3500$
Opticianry 2 TR 3500$
Pathology Laboratory Techniques 2 TR 3500$
Radiotherapy 2 TR 3500$

Okan’s accommodation :

Students accommodation includes internal sections for males and females and includes the following services :
– Study rooms
– Food hall
– Cafeteria
– Laundry and cleaning service
– Security team 24\7
– 24 hour clinic and doctor
– WiFi

Single And Shared Rooms Price list (housing + meal plan)
Standard Room For 4 3000 $ Annually
Standard Room (New Floor) For 4 3800 $ Annually
Standard Double Room 5000 $ Annually
Standard Double Room (New Floor) 5500 $ Annually
Standard Single Room 7500 $ Annually
Standard Single Room (New Floor) 8000 Annually
New Double Room 6500 $ Annually
New Single Room 9000 $ Annually

If you are interested in studying at Okan University, you can contact the educational advisor via  Whatsapp

The University accredited by :

11 (1)

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If you are interested in studying at Okan University, you can contact the educational advisor via  Whatsapp

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