Near East University

Near East University

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About Near East University

The Near East University is one of the oldest universities in Northern Cyprus. The University was founded in 1988 in the capital of Northern Cyprus, Nicosia, in Lefkosa city. The university is accredited and recognized internationally, The university holds quality certificates from various powerful international organizations.

The University of the Near East is characterized  by the availability of many Faculties and departments that are rarely taught in other universities in the world, Where the university contains 16 Faculties, such as the faculty of Medicine, as the faculty of Dentistry, as the faculty of Pharmacy, as the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, as the faculty of Engineering and many other faculties.

Near East University Features

  • The university ranks excellent in terms of global ranking of universities, as the university is among the best 2031 universities in the world, according to the global Webometrics website for the latest statistics of World Ranking of Universities for 2018.
  • The university has more than 25 thousand students from 65 different countries.
  • The university has an international identity, The university has become well known in the Middle East and the world, It provides academic learning opportunities with its highly qualified professors and doctors.
  • International agreements: Near East University is a member of the €pean Universities Association (EUA), International Association of Universities (IAU), Member of UNESCO and the International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP), Joint Commission International (JCI), federation of the universities of the Islamic world (FUIW) and The €pean Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA).

Near East University Faculties and Departments

ProgramYearsLanguageFees after Discount
Medicine6EN12100 €
Medicine6TR12100 €
Dentistry5EN11100 €
Dentistry5TR11100 €
Veterinary Medicine5EN4150 €
Veterinary Medicine5TR4150 €
pharmacy5EN4150 €
civil engineering4EN2800 €
Computer engineering4EN2800 €
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4EN2800 €
Food engineering4EN2800 €
Mechatronics Engineering4EN2800 €
Mechanical engineering4EN2800 €
Automotive Engineering4EN2800 €
Information Systems Engineering4EN2800 €
Software Engineering4EN2800 €
Bioengineering4EN2800 €
Medical equipment engineering4EN2800 €
Petroleum and gas engineering4EN4150 €
Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering4EN2800 €
Aviation Engineering4EN2800 €
Marine engineering4EN2800 €
Architecture4EN2800 €
Interior architecture4EN2800 €
graphic design4EN2800 €
Law4EN2800 €
Marine Studies4EN2800 €
Maritime administration4EN2800 €
Banking and Financial4EN2800 €
Business Administration4EN2800 €
Human Resource Management4EN2800 €
International Business Adminstration4EN2800 €
European Union relations4EN2800 €
Economy4EN2800 €
International Relations4EN2800 €
Marketing4EN2800 €
Political Science4EN2800 €
knowledge management4EN2800 €
Information Systems4EN2800 €
Journalism4EN2800 €
Radio, television and cinema4EN2800 €
Public Relations and Advertising4EN2800 €
Visual communication design4EN2800 €
Cartoon and animation4EN2800 €
Film production and publishing4EN2800 €
Islamic Studies4TR2800 €
psychology4EN2800 €
Molecular science and genetics4EN2800 €
Mathematics4EN2800 €
Translation4EN2800 €
Tourism and Hotel Management4EN2800 €
Nursing4EN2800 €
Occupational Health and Safety4EN2800 €
Audiology4EN2800 €
Health Care Management Department4EN2800 €
Performing Arts4EN2800 €
Theater4EN2800 €
Turkish language teaching and literature4TR2800 €
Turkish language and literature4EN2800 €
Computer learning and educational technology4EN2800 €
Hearing impaired teacher4EN2800 €
Classroom teacher4EN2800 €
Teaching mentally Disabled4EN2800 €

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Near East University Location

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