Istinye University was founded in 2015 by the “Anatolia Foundation in the 21st Century

Its main campus in Istanbul is located in the European section of the famous and beautiful TopKabe area.

the university trains its students in medicine in the largest hospitals in Istanbul, which are known to be one of the strongest specialist hospitals in Istanbul and Turkey.

(Liv Hospital – Medical Park – VM Medical Park)

The University also offers the international students exchange program “Erasmus” in many European countries including Germany and Italy

It also has strong ties with many universities in the United States and others around the world.

  • Istinia University is trying to create unique training opportunities for its students and help them find jobs within the university’s hospitals. The University’s vision is to create

ISTINYE Faculties

Expenses After DiscountLanguageYearsFaculty
 $ 20.000EN6 yearsMedicine
 $ 18.000TR6 yearsMedicine
 $ 11.000EN5 yearsPharmacy
 $ 10.000TR5 yearsPharmacy
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsGenetic science
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsSociology
 $ 4.500EN4 yearsPsychology
 $ 6.500TR4 yearsPsychology
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsEnglish Language and Literature
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsArchitecture
 $ 5.000TR4 yearsArchitecture
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsMechanical Engineering
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsComputer Engineering
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsCivil Engineering
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsElectrical and Electronics Engineering
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsIndustrial Systems Engineering
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsEconomy
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsBusiness Administration
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsInternational relations
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsInternational and Trade
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsInternational Business and Trade
 $ 3.500TR4 yearsAdvertising and Public Relations
 $ 3.500EN4 yearsNew media
 $ 3.500EN4 yearsRadio, cinema and television
 $ 4.500EN4 yearsPhysiotherapy and rehabilitation
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsPhysiotherapy and rehabilitation
 $ 4.500EN4 yearsNursing
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsNursing
 $ 3.000EN2 yearsDiploma courses
 $ 6.750EN1 yearPreparatory year for language study

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