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About Istinye university:

– The University of Istinye was established in 2015 by the Anatolian Foundation as a step towards the continuation of 25 years of knowledge and experience of the MLP Medical Care Group, which brought three hospital brands under one roof (MV medecal park, Medidical park, Liv virtual virtual).
– The University received an excellent global ranking by The Times International, the organization overseeing the ranking of universities around the world, where the University was awarded the title of YONGEST IN THE GLOBAL IMPACT

Istinye university’s vision and mission:

excellence in education, research and innovation, technology development, and a focus on artificial intelligence and digitization to be one of the world’s leading universities.
The University of Estonia aims to provide innovative and sustainable student-focused education, close collaboration with relevant sectors, research using advanced technology, generating information and new technology, and contributing to the development of society by solving local and global problems.

Values: Innovation,Entrepreneurship,Competitiveness,Leading,Team spirit,Respect moral values,Justice,Passion,Self confidence,Social responsibility

Istinye’s location:

The university is located in the European part of Istanbul and has two campuses:
– Top Cabi campus, a main campus where it is located in a central location accessible by public transportation or cars from any part of the city.
– Southern campus which is located in Zetinborno , Istanbul

Istinye university’s features:

– The university is distinguished by its educational and research performance, as it includes the most important academic staff committed to education and research to make a difference.
– By undertaking educational, research and social service activities in accordance with global standards, the university provides its students with a wide range of knowledge as well as an educational and progressive environment covering also the fields of technology and the arts.
– The university is trying to develop its students to be leadership-equipped, believe in the power of science, follow world developments, able to think critically, respect human and moral values, used to improving themselves, creative, and guide them into environments where they can use these skills.
– University has 7 colleges, 2 vocational schools, 3 institutes
– The university offers an international student exchange program Erasmus in many European countries including Germany and Italy, and has links with many universities in the United States and around the world.
– The university has several sports activities. The university’s facilities are open for use by students, staff, academics, and administrators, and includes a physical fitness center under the supervision of expert trainers. There are also basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, both external and internal, as well as badminton training halls.
– The main campus of the university has 47 laboratories, two conference rooms, a large library, classrooms, and social and cultural facilities
– The university’s southern campus has 15 classrooms, 8 labs, airplane technology workshop, huge library, lecture hall, meeting room, very quiet study area, dining room, medical examination room, indoor gym.

Istinye University Faculties and Departments

Program Years Language  Fees after Discount
Medicine 6 Years EN 20.000 $
Medicine 6 Years TR 18.000 $
Pharmacy 5 Years EN 11.000 $
Pharmacy 5 Years TR 10.000 $
Molecular Science And Genetics 4 Years EN 4.000$
Sociology 4 Years EN 4.000$
Psychology 4 Years TR 4.500$
Psychology 4 Years EN 6.500$
English Language And Literature 4 Years EN 4.000$
Architecture 4 Years EN 5.000$
Architecture 4 Years TR 5.000$
Mechanical Engineering 4 Years EN 5.000$
Computer Engineering 4 Years EN 5.000$
Civil Engineering 4 Years EN 5.000$
Electrical And Electronics Engineering 4 Years EN 5.000$
Industrial Systems Engineering 4 Years EN 5.000$
Economics 4 Years EN 4.000$
Business Administration 4 Years EN 4.000$
International Relations 4 Years EN 4.000$
International Trade And Administration 4 Years EN 4.000$
Management Information Systems 4 Years EN 4.000$
Public Relations And Advertising 4 Years TR 3.500$
New Media 4 Years EN 3.500$
Radio, Cinema And Television 4 Years EN 3.500$
Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation 4 Years EN 4.500$
Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation 4 Years TR 4.500$
Nursing 4 Years TR 4.500$
Nursing 4 Years EN 4.500$
Diploma Programs Years TR 3.000$

The University accredited by :


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Istinye University Location

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