About Istanbul Zaim university:

Istanbul Zaim university “sabah al-Din Zaim” was established in 2010 as a Waqf University by the association (dissemination of Science) in accordance with the Turkish Higher Education Law No. 2547 .
The university was named after Professor Sabah al-Din Zaim as a symbol of loyalty and honor for his giving and diligence as he was one of the most important founders of the Society for the dissemination of Science and an important scientist in the world of Turkish economics .
The university ranks 5727th in the world universities and 139th in Turkey universities.
The university has 7642 undergraduate students and 2241 international students from more than 90 countries .

Istanbul Zaim’s vision, mission, and values:

To establish a University of distinguished scientific research in physical and academic infrastructure, to be a destination for graduates and a resource and a leader in many fields and to achieve a position of the five best universities and in the world .
Building a human leader who respects the values of our civilization and serves humanity and the future
Freedom scientific
Humanitarian Dialogue
Respect for thought
Sense of Environment and nature

Istanbul Zaim university’s location:

The university is located on the European side of Istanbul, overlooking Kuçuk Gumca Lake and features a quiet, noise – free campus that meets the needs of all students.

Istanbul Zaim universityIstanbul Zaim university’s features:

– The university has 7 faculties offering 36 bachelor’s programs, 65 master’s programs, 22 doctoral programs, as well as a graduate institute and a language institute
– The university offers opportunities for student exchanges with several universities in European countries (England, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, France, etc.) through Erasmus+
– It’s very easy to get to the campus where there’s a lot of public transportation options that take you to the campus near the Metro Bus Safakwi station.
– The university has 33 student clubs to organize many cultural, social and sports activities inside and outside the campus, such as organizing conferences, sports championships, workshops and suitable trips for clubs.
– The university adopts the English language and studies some programs in Arabic and has a very large number of Arab students
– The university has many labs that provide students with multiple opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in different disciplines and offers great opportunities for academics to conduct their academic research, most notably the science, nutrition, computer and nursing laboratory.
– The university has a huge, comprehensive library of books and encyclopedias in 15 different fields, and it works 24 hours a day.

Research centers in Istanbul Zaim:

Istanbul Zaim distinguished by its research centers, which are considered one of the most important in Turkey, among them :
– Food and Agricultural Research Center :A research center established at the university level to support work in the field of food and agriculture in Turkey through scientific research in relation to food and agriculture, and cooperation with universities and industries .
– Istanbul Research Center:The center aims to conduct scientific research on Istanbul, its institutions, buildings, and the future of the city, provide communication and cooperation between university and foreign workers and organize national and international academic events.
– Center for Islamic Studies and International Affairs (CIGA):A non-profit think tank whose task is “to conduct high-quality research and analysis, educate the public and policymakers, train experts, propose new ideas and policy recommendations on policies and global relations affecting the Muslim world and the development and progress of Muslim societies.”

Istanbul Zaim’s Dormitories:

The university is dedicated to providing a warm and comfortable place for students where they feel they are at home, providing them with safety and all their necessities. The student housing includes 267 beds for females and 275 beds for males.