Istanbul Ticaret University

Istanbul Ticaret University

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Adopting the concepts “Local Identity, Global Vision” as a principle, Istanbul Commerce University was founded in 2001 with the strong support of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

It is one of the first private non-profit universities in Turkey, due to its high educational programs quality and its high-level academic staff, as well as the technical equipment and advanced future vision of its students.

In the center of Istanbul, Istanbul Commerce University who combines the university with the business world, has been preparing its students to the future with more than 245 professional and prominent faculty members.

With a membership of 350,000 as one of the largest champers in the world.

About Commerce University Faculties and Departments

Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Business Administration4EN4000$
Mechatronics Engineering4EN4000$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4EN4000$
industrial engineering430% EN / 70% TR4000$
Computer engineering430% EN / 70% TR4000$
Interior architecture and environmental design430% EN / 70% TR4000$
Media and communication systems430% EN / 70% TR4000$
Political science and international relations430% EN / 70% TR4000$
Psychology430% EN / 70% TR4000$
International logistics430% EN / 70% TR4000$
International Trade430% EN / 70% TR4000$
Banking and Finance430% EN / 70% TR4000$
Business Administration4TR4000$
Civil Aviation Administration4TR4000$
civil engineering4TR4000$
Architecture 4TR4000$
Public Relations and Advertising4TR4000$
Visual communications Design4TR4000$
Program Years Language Fess after Discount
Business AdministrationEN3400$
International FinanceEN3400$
International TradeEN3400$
Commercial diplomacyEN3400$
Mechatronics EngineeringEN3400$
Computer engineeringEN3400$
Marketing ManagementEN3400$
Applied psychologyTR3000$
Educational administrationTR3000$
Business AdministrationTR3400$
Computer engineeringTR3400$
Marketing ManagementTR3400$
Political science and international relationsTR3400$
Digital Economy and MarketingTR3400$
Family counseling and educationTR3400$
Company CommunicationsTR3400$
Advertising and strategic communications for brandsTR3400$
Business AnalyticsTR3400$
Interior DesignTR3400$
Real estate development and urban planningTR3400$
Fashion designTR3400$
International TradeTR3400$
Commercial diplomacyTR3400$
Global Marketing and Brand ManagementTR3400$
European Union and International Trade LawTR3400$
International relations and African studiesTR3400$
Applied sociologyTR3400$
Technology Management and Industrial PolicyTR3400$
Human Resource ManagementTR3400$
Logistics managementTR3400$
Media and Communication StudiesTR3400$
Accounting and AuditingTR3400$
private lawTR3400$
Public LawTR3400$
Tourism managementTR3400$
International Banking and FinanceTR3400$
Communication and Electronics EngineeringTR3400$
Electronic securityTR3400$
industrial engineeringTR3400$
Jewelry engineeringTR3400$
Transport management  and Urban SystemsTR3400$
Business Administration (Distance Education)TR3000$
Accounting and Auditing (Distance Learning)TR3000$
Technology Management and Industrial Policy (Distance Education)TR3000$
International Banking and Finance (Distance Education)TR3000$
International Trade (Distance Education)TR3000$
Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Business Administration 4EN4700$
Communication and Electronics Engineering 4EN4700$
Political science and international relations 4TR4700$
Public Relations and Advertising 4TR4700$
Business Administration 4TR4700$
Media and Communication Studies 4TR4700$
Accounting and Auditing 4TR4700$
private law 4TR4700$
Technology Management and Industrial Policy 4TR4700$
Marketing Management 4TR4700$
Computer engineering 4TR4700$
industrial engineering 4TR4700$
Statistics 4TR4700$
International Trade 4TR4700$
European Union and International Trade Law 4TR4700$
The financial economy 4TR4700$
Banking 4TR4700$

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