Date of Establishment
  • ISTANBUL COMMERCE UNIVERSITY , Founded by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, accepted students in 2001 for the first time. and It is one of the first private non-profit universities in Turkey. due to the quality of its educational programs and teachers, as well as advanced technical equipment and advanced vision for its students
  • After 13 years, the number of its students reached 7000 students, were taught by more than 300 distinguished teaching staff, in contrast to only 73 students at the beginning.
  • The reputation that has been achieved in a short time strengthen by hundreds of international and national publications each year and the various awards and organized events
  • In the center of Istanbul, a university with strong academic credentials and connections with the business world is waiting for you to support you in facing the world.
  • It has a membership of 350,000 as one of the largest rooms in the world.


Expenses After DiscountLanguageYearsFaculty
 $ 4.000EN/TR4 yearsBusiness Administration
 $ 4.000EN (30%)4 yearsInternational Trade
 $ 4.000EN (30%)4 yearsAccounts and finance
 $ 4.000EN/TR4 yearsEconomy
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsCivil aviation management
 $ 4.000EN (30%)4 yearsInternational Logistics Services
 $ 4.000EN (30%)4 yearsIndustrial Engineering
 $ 4.000EN (30%)4 yearsComputer Engineering
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsMechatronics engineering
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsElectrical and Electronics Engineering
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsCivil engineering
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsArchitecture
 $ 4.000EN (30%)4 yearsArchitecture and interior design
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsFaculty of Law
 $ 4.000EN (30%)4 yearsMedia and communication
 $ 4.000TR4 years

Advertising and Public Relations

 $ 4.000TR4 yearsVisual Communication Design
 $ 4.000EN (30%)4 yearsPsychology
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsSociology
 $ 4.000EN (30%)4 years

Political science and international relations

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