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About Istanbul Sehir University

Istanbul Sehir University was founded in 2008 AD, Istanbul University current global ranking is  5733.

The university was founded by the endowment of science and art, which has been known for many free courses and academic activities at a local and international levels in the field of social sciences during its career spanning for more than 25 years.

The university campus is located in the Asian section of Istanbul, in the beautiful Escudar region of a stunning nature and strategic location in Istanbul, the access to the university is easy, either via the metrobus or the metro, which passes by the main campus of Istanbul Sehir university.

Istanbul Sehir university Features

  • Istanbul Sehir University is considered one of the most powerful universities on the Asian section of Istanbul.
  • Istanbul Sehir University has 13 undergraduate programs through 6 faculties, 12 master’s programs and 3 PhD programs.
  • Istanbul University has a distinguished advantage over other universities, that it allows its students to spend an academic year outside the university through international student exchange programs with European, United States, China and England universities.
  • The university has accreditations in a lot of Arab countries, such as Palestine, Jordan and Egypt.

Istanbul Sehir university Faculties and Departments


Years Language Fees after Discount
Translation And Interpretation4EN4500$
International Financing4EN4500$
Industrial Engineering4EN6000$
Mechanical Engineering4EN6000$
Civil Engineering4EN6000$
Business Administration4EN6000$
International Trade And Management4EN6000$
Science And International Relations4EN6000$
English Language And Literature4EN6000$
Computer Science And Engineering4EN6000$
Electrical And Electronic Engineering4EN6000$
Film And Television4EN6000$
Science And International Relations4TR4500$
Turkish Language And Literature4TR4500$
Industrial Engineering4TR4500$
Management Information Systems4TR4500$
Film And Television4TR4500$
Public Relations4TR4500$
New Media And Communications4TR4500$
Interior Architecture And Environmental Design4TR6000$
Industrial Design4TR6000$
Islamic Studies4EN/AR6000$
Preparatory Year Tuition FeesOne YearTR4500$
Program Thesis Language Fees after Discount
Cultural Studies MasterThesisEN8000$
Political Science And International Relations MasterThesis/Without ThesisEN8000$
History MAThesisEN8000$
Sociology MasterThesisEN8000$
Business Administration MasterThesisEN6000$
Business Administration MasterEN5000$
Economics And Finance MasterThesis/Without ThesisEN4000$
Electronics And Computer Engineering MScEN8000$
Industrial And Systems Engineering MScEN8000$
Data Science MasterEN8000$
Civilization Studies MasterThesis/Without ThesisTR8000$
Islamic Basic Sciences MasterTR8000$
Clinical Psychology MScTR8000$
Film And Television MasterTR8000$
Public Law MasterTR8000$
Private Law MasterTR8000$
MBA ThesisThesisTR6000$
MBA Without ThesisTR5000$
Business Analytics MasterWithout ThesisTR4000$
Information Security Engineering MScTR8000$
Islamic Studies MasterAR/TR8000$
Program Years Language Fees after Discount
History PhD4  EN$10.000
Sociology PhD4  EN$10.000
Private Rights PhD4  TR$10.000
Public Law PhD4  TR$10.000

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