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About Istanbul MediPol University:

– Istanbul MediPol University was established in 2009 and is considered one of the modern universities in Turkey.
– The university includes 36,506 students, including 2830 international students from 81 different countries.
– The university ranked 734 out of 3471 world universities and ranked 20 out of 112 Turkish universities in 2020.
– Istanbul Medipol University demonstrated its educational quality and qualitative research, by placing it successfully in the classification of the most respected higher education agencies in the world.
– The university is ranked 1001 out of 25,000 universities around the world by Times Higher Education, a London-based agency that ranks universities according to key performance indicators such as research impact, international perception, and the educational environment.
– Ranked 401+ in the World Youth University Rankings.
– Rank 401+ in the Asian University Rankings.
– Rank 501+ in the ranking of universities in emerging economies.
– The university is ranked 65 out of 166 universities in Turkey and 12 out of 52 private universities in Turkey.
– URAP was ranked 2104 out of 2500 by the Association of Universities.
– Medipol ranked 2570th in the world and 65th at the level of Turkey in the global ranking, Webometrix, which evaluates 28,000 universities around the world.

The vision and mission of Istanbul Medipol:

Medipol University adopts the principle of generating individuals who have acquired permanent high qualifications, who focus on the production of science and technology and who can respond to the ever-changing demands of society, and it has a responsibility to contribute to scientific knowledge as well as the well-being of society.
University vision:
To be a leading university providing guidance to science and society with a strong organizational culture.

Istanbul MediPol University location:

The university campuses in Medipoll are distributed in the Asian and European sections of Istanbul as follows:
MediPaul Mega Hospitals Complex
Halic Campus (Golden Horn)
On both sides of the Trans-European Highway, which connects Asia and Europe, the North and South Campus Kawagic are located.

Istanbul Medipol’s features:

– University has 12 colleges, four vocational schools, five institutes
– The university has 115 student clubs, 9 female sports teams and 12 youth sports teams
– Because the university has a hospital complex, so it provides the most important medical specialties, and it also has engineering specializations.
– The University has established e-learning programs to provide education without barriers for all, which has a great impact on the development of the region and is essential for a university that welcomes students from around the world and respects diversity.
– The university prepares its students for leadership and service, because it knows they will determine the near and far future
– The university uses information technology on a large scale in the learning process and links the theoretical and practical aspects so that students can live the practical experience and build their expertise so that they can enter and excel in working life.
– The university has its own health center, where a doctor and nurse are present every day to help students and staff. As part of the guidance and guidance services, the university aims to support the emotional and social development of the students. therefore, a qualified psychiatrist offers individual and group counseling to bring students closer to a bright future.
– Turkish students can get 25.50.100% scholarships from the university according to their results and under certain conditions, and international students can accept 25% for the study programs and associate programs 50% of the scholarships .
– Student clubs organize social activities and other cultural activities. Football matches are held every spring with the participation of a number of universities.
– courses are also organized in volleyball, basketball, mountain climbing, tennis, table tennis, and chess.
– The necessary physical infrastructure services are being implemented at the university for persons with special needs in order to provide easy access to all kinds of services.
– There are 500 capacity dining halls offering various types of meals and because of their diversity, the principle of self-service is adopted.
– University has a huge library of thousands of books, references and volumes in different disciplines
– To make the study of students easier and more effective, the university was keen to have advanced scientific laboratories equipped with advanced electronic equipment, as well as scientific research laboratories such as the Center for Innovation Research, Regenerative Medicine, and applied and health research

Faculties and Departments in Medipol

Program Years language Fees after Discount
Human Medicine 6years EN 22381$
Human Medicine 6years 30%EN
Dentistry 5years EN 15390$
Dentistry 5years 30%EN
Pharmacy 5years EN 8042$
Pharmacy 5years TR 7311$
Civil Engineering 4years EN 3000$
Advisory Psychology 4years EN 3000$
Business Management 4years EN 3500$
Finance and economy 4years EN 3500$
International trade and finance 4years EN 3500$
Management information systems 4years EN 3500$
International Logistics management 4years EN 3500$
Psychology 4years EN 3500$
Political science and international relations 4years EN 3500$
Public administration and political science 4years EN 3500$
Teaching English 4years EN 3500$
Nursing 4years EN 3750$
Physical therapy and rehabilitation 4years EN 3750$
Speech and language therapy 4years EN 3750$
Health management 4years EN 3750$
Public Relations and Advertising 4years EN 3890$
Electrical engineering and electronics 4years EN 4250$
Biomedical Engineering 4years EN 4250$
Industrial Engineering 4years EN 4250$
Computer Engineering 4years EN 4250$
Architecture 4years EN 4250$
Interior architecture and environmental design 4years EN 4250$
Law 4years 30%EN
Information and communication systems 4years TR 3000$
Educate special education 4years TR 3000$
Pre-primary teaching 4years TR 3000$
Communication and information systems 4years TR 3000$
International trade and finance 4years TR 3500$
Management information systems 4years TR 3500$
International Logistics management 4years TR 3500$
Human Resources Management 4years TR 3500$
Insurance and banks 4years TR 3500$
Psychology 4years TR 3500$
Industrial product design 4years TR 3500$
Visual communication design 4years TR 3500$
The art of cooking and cooking 4years TR 3500$
Public administration and political science 4years TR 3500$
Urban design and landscape architecture 4years TR 3500$
Turkish music and arts 4years TR 3500$
Journalism 4years TR 3500$
Public Relations and Advertising 4years TR 3500$
Media and visual arts 4years TR 3500$
Primary mathematics education 4years TR 3500$
Social service 4years TR 3750$
Midwifery 4years TR 3750$
Acoustics 4years TR 3750$
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation 4years TR 3750$
Nursing 4years TR 3750$
Child development 4years TR 3750$
Prosthesis and orthotics 4years TR 3750$
Speech and language therapy 4years TR 3750$
Health management 4years TR 3750$
Modern media and communications 4years TR 3890$
Advisory Psychology 4years TR 3890$
Special Education 4years TR 3890$
Radio, cinema and television 4years TR 3890$
Civil Engineering 4years TR 4250$
Architecture 4years TR 4250$
Interior architecture and environmental design 4years TR 4250$
Nutrition and diet 4years TR 6510$
Preparatory School for Medical Specialties 1year TR 11000$
Discipline Years language After discount
Anesthesia 2years EN 2080$
Physiotherapy 2years EN 2080$
First aid 2years EN 2080$
Pathology Laboratory Techniques 2years EN 2080$
Translation and English applications 2years EN 2080$
Medical documentation 2years EN 2080$
Justice 2years EN 3000$
Justice 2years TR\EN 2080$
Anesthesia 2years TR 2160$
Dentist Assistant 2years TR 2080$
First aid 2years TR 2080$
Child development 2years TR 2080$
Dental compensation technology 2years TR 2080$
Dialysis 2years TR 2080$
Pharmaceutical services 2years TR 2080$
Electrophysiology 2years TR 2080$
Occupational health and safety 2years TR 2080$
Hearing measurement 2years TR 2080$
Optics 2years TR 2080$
Management of health institutions 2years TR 2080$
Medical imaging techniques 2years TR 2080$
Care for the elderly 2years TR 2080$
Medical marketing 2years TR 2080$
Banks and insurance 2years TR 2080$
International trade 2years TR 2080$
Public relations and advertising 2years TR 2080$
Business Management 2years TR 2080$
Human Resources Management 2years TR 2080$
Logistics 2years TR 2080$
Finance 2years TR 2080$
Accounting and taxes 2years TR 2080$
Social security 2years TR 2080$
Local administrations 2years TR 2080$
Oral and dental health 2years TR 2080$
Setting up radio and television programs 2years TR 2080$
Medical laboratory techniques 2years TR 2080$
Radiation therapy 2years TR 2080$
Justice 2years TR 3000$
Operating room services 2years TR 3000$

The University accredited by :

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