Istanbul Kultur University

Istanbul Kultur University

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|$4275 – $6715

$2250 – $6715

About Istanbul Kültür University

Istanbul Kültür University was established by the Kultur College Education Foundation (KEV).

Kültür University is located in the European section of Istanbul city, and is characterized by its vital central location, which is a quarter of an hour away from the Ataturk Airport and about three minutes  from the metro station.

Istanbul Kültür University, in cooperation with its academic staff and its students , has been able to keep abreast of recent developments in the educational and scientific fields, through the cooperation agreements between them and the universities of the European Union, Latin America, Australia, Asia, Germany, Canada and the United States of America.

Istanbul Kültür University Features

The university has a strong and distinguished academic staff, and it recognized by  its international accreditation and strength at European and Middle Eastern level as well.

It is open to international academic relations and strives for continuous development in all modern ways.

Istanbul Kültür University has a large number of foreign and Arab students.

The University library has around 27,000 paper books available in, more than 31,000 electronic books, and about 40,000 electronic magazines.

Istanbul Kültür University Faculties and Departments

Program  Years Language Fees after Discount
Teaching foreign languages4EN4.653$
civil engineering4EN4.653$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4EN4.653$
industrial engineering4EN4.653$
Computer engineering4EN4.653$
English language and literature4EN4.653$
Business Administration4EN4.653$
International Relations4EN4.653$
International Trade4EN4.653$
Interior architecture and landscape design4EN4.653$
Educational sciences4TR3.995$
Primary education4TR3.995$
Civil Engineering4TR3.995$
Interior architecture and environmental design4TR3.995$
Turkish language and literature4TR3.995$
Communication Arts4TR3.995$
Communication management4TR3.995$
Film and television4TR3.995$
Communications systems and new media4TR3.995$
Modern media and communication systems4TR3.995$
Cartoon and animation4TR3.995$
leading businesses4TR3.995$
Business Management4TR3.995$
International Trade4TR3.995$
Mathematics and Computer Science4TR3.995$
Molecules and Genetics4TR3.995$
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation4TR3.995$
Nutrition and Dietetics4TR3.995$
Communication design4TR3.995$
Diploma ProgramsسنتانTR2.550$
Program ThesisLanguage Fees after Discount
Structural Engineering MScThesisEN3.000$
Engineering Management MScThesisEN3.000$
International Relations MScThesisEN3.000$
International Relations MScWithout ThesisEN2.400$
Private Rights MScThesisTR5.000$
Private Rights MScWithout ThesisTR4.000$
Public Rights MScThesisTR5.000$
Public Rights MScWithout ThesisTR4.000$
Educational Sciences And Planning MScThesisTR3.000$
Educational Sciences And Planning MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Economics Department MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Economics Department MScThesisTR3.000$
Capital And Financial Markets MScThesisTR3.000$
Capital And Financial Markets MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Economy Productivity MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Communication Arts MScThesisTR3.000$
Communication Design MScThesisTR3.000$
Business Administration MScThesisTR5.000$
Business Administration MScWithout ThesisTR3.400$
Business Administration MScThesisTR3.400$
Occupational Health And Safety MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Arts Administration MScThesisTR3.000$
Turkish Language And Literature MScThesisTR3.000$
Film And Television MScThesisTR3.000$
Industrial And Organizational Psychology MScThesisTR3.000$
Project Management MScThesisTR3.000$
Project Management MScWithout thesisTR2.400$
Real Estate Development MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Earth Mathematics Sciences MScThesisTR3.000$
Earth Mathematics Sciences MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Computer And Mathematics Sciences MScThesisTR3.000$
Physics MScThesisTR3.000$
Architectural Design MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Architectural Design MScThesisTR3.000$
Computer Engineering MScThesisTR3.000$
Computer Engineering MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Interior Architecture MScThesisTR3.000$
Geotechnical Engineering MScThesisTR3.000$
Geotechnical Engineering MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Structural Engineering MScThesisTR3.000$
Structural Engineering MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Construction And Structural Management Technology MScThesisTR3.000$
Architecture MScWithout ThesisTR2.400$
Gene Science And Genetics MScThesisTR3.000$
Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Private Rights PhD4TR34.200 TL
Public Rights PhD4TR34.200 TL
Business Administration PhD4TR34.200 TL
Turkish Language and Literature PhD4TR22.800 TL
Project Management PhD4TR22.800 TL
Construction Engineering PhD4TR22.800 TL
Geotechnical Engineering PhD4TR22.800 TL
Geometrics PhD4TR22.800 TL
Mathematical Sciences PhD4TR22.800 TL
Architecture PhD4TR22.800 TL
Gene Science and Genetics PhD4TR22.800 TL
Room TypeExpenses (US Dollar)
Male Housing
2 Persons 3585  USD
3 Persons 3146USD
4 Persons 2707USD
Female Housing
2 Persons  3893USD
3 Persons 3337USD
4 Persons 3000USD

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Istanbul Kültür University Location

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