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About Kultur university :

Kultur University is a university established by the Kultur University Education Foundation, which is one of the oldest private educational institutions in Turkey. In the academic year of 1997-1998, Istanbul Kultur University began its educational activities in the field of higher education .
Kultur University maintains its relations with graduate students under the umbrella of the Advisory Unit on Student Life, Careers and Alumni, and brings together alumni, students, academics and administrative staff through the network
Between 1999 and 2019, there were 24,478 university graduates, and there were 1,369 foreign students.
The number of students at the university during the academic year 2019-2020 was 15,644, including 3,650 foreign students.
Kultur University was ranked 3248th in the world at universities and ranked 81st in Turkey’s universities

Kultur’s vision and mission:

Our vision is :
To become a prestigious university in national and international arenas in the fields of education, scientific research and public service.
Our mission and goals:
– Provide qualified education that will nurture the skills that will shape the future and increase scientific, artistic and cultural activities.
– Raising the quality of education.
– Increased performance in research, entrepreneurship and innovation development
– Sustainable chassis design for the goal of internationalization.
– Carry out all the processes that will increase the organization’s success in coordinating, integrating, systems-based, as well as measuring and increasing the rate of positive results.
Our values:
– Commitment to the principles of Ataturk
– World Modern University
– with a human orientation and respect for human rights
– Social awareness and social responsibility
– Attach importance to developing the abilities of individuals with respect to nature and environmental awareness
– is committed to the principles of universal knowledge, scientific thinking, ethics, mind and participatory management
– Seek improvement and continuous innovation
– Respect ideas and beliefs
– have the awareness to be creative, involved, trusted, transparent, responsible

Kultur university location:

The university located in European side of Istanbul and it includes 4 campuses:
– The Atacoi campus, the main campus of the university, where the Faculty of Science and Literature, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Arts and Design, and the Institute of Higher Studies offer their educational services.
– The campus of Syrianifler, where there is the School of Law, the Vocational School of Justice, the Department of Foreign Languages and the College of Health Sciences.
– The InnerSirli campus where the vocational schools are located.
– The Pasin Express campus, where the College of Economics and Administrative Sciences and the College of Education is located, and it is the latest campus, which opened in 2018-2019.
The four university campuses are located at the intersection of the railway and land, air and sea transport, which is easy to access.

Kultur university Features :

– The university has 8 colleges offering 11 English courses, 23 Turkish university studies in 30 departments, and after integrating the Vocational School for Justice, the Vocational School for Business Administration, and the Vocational School for Technical Sciences, vocational school continues its education in 28 official programs and 3 high school programs. In the Graduate Department there are 59 colleges divided by 30 master’s with a dissertation and 29 doctoral degrees without thesis, 35% of graduate programs study in English
– University studies programs at the College of Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Civil Engineering have both undergone an external evaluation and received accreditation.
– University studies programs for the University of Arts, Sciences, Literature, English, Mathematics, Computer, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Psychology, Language and Turkish Literature are approved by FEDEK
– Double major and minor programs are among the successful practices of Istanbul Kültür University. Students in the undergraduate programs of all departments in our university can participate in the Double Major Program and Minor Program in other undergraduate programs.
– The university offers 7 years of continuous scholarship at 100-75-50-25% in university departments and exchange programs.
– The university conducts artistic trips, professional days, seminars, and curricula to follow up cultural and artistic events. The university also carries out various activities in order to acquire the students’ competence in the field of research in line with their own goals.
– The university has 20 units and 52 laboratories for research and development.
– The university has academic agreements and exchanges of students in several countries, most notably the United States, Canada, Australia, Latin America and Asia, and has more than 80 international cooperation agreements .
– The University of Kültür is a strong academic staff and is famous for its recognition and strength at the level of the European Union and the Middle East.
– The university has a huge library of about 27 thousand paper books, more than 31 thousand electronic books, and about 40 thousand electronic magazines.
– The university has a sports club that holds a large number of sports activities that bring together students and academic and administrative staff.
– Each student can be a member of student clubs in their areas of interest. He can also set up a club in accordance with his new interests, enabling students to improve themselves socially, culturally and professionally, acquire communication and self-expression skills, organize activities in the club’s area of interest, effectively utilize their time, and acquire a habit of enjoying themselves together.
– The university organizes seminars, conferences and forums with wealthy scholars, politicians, administrators, businessmen and experts, as well as magazines and newsletters they publish, with various dialogs, concerts, theatrical plays, and studio sessions organized by it with different artists, as well as sports events, festivals, trips, exhibitions, and competitions organized by student IKHO clubs. They carry out very successful activities that grow day after day
– The ground floor Atacoi campus houses a 400-person restaurant that offers five main dishes and many types of side dishes. There is another restaurant in the basement that can accommodate 200 people with the same features. It offers Italian cuisine dishes for students, as well as restaurants and cafes in both the Syrianifler campus and the InnerSirli campus.
– And Starbucks and Pegastro Cafés just opened up on our university sites.

Istanbul Kültür University Faculties and Departments

Program   Years Language Fees after Discount
Architecture 4 years EN  $6,290
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 4 years EN  $5,200
Computer Engineering 4 years EN  $4,930
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 4 years EN  $4,930
Industrial Engineering 4 years EN  $4,930
Civil Engineering 4 years EN  $4,930
International Trade and Finance 4 years EN  $4,930
International Relations 4 years EN  $4,930
Business administration 4 years EN  $4,930
Law 4 years EN  $6,290
English Language and Literature 4 years EN  $4,930
English Language Teaching 4 years EN  $4,930
Preschool Education 4 years TR  $4,250
Psychological Counselling and Guidance 4 years TR  $4,250
Mathematics and Computer Science 4 years TR  $4,250
Molecular Biology and Genetics 4 years TR  $4,250
Psychology 4 years TR  $4,250
Turkish Language and Literature 4 years TR  $4,250
Entrepreneurship 4 years TR  $4,250
Economics 4 years TR  $4,250
Business Administration 4 years TR  $4,250
International Trade and Finance 4 years TR  $4,250
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 4 years TR  $4,250
Cartoon and Animation 4 years TR  $4,250
Communication Design 4 years TR  $4,250
Communication Arts 4 years TR  $4,250
Radio, Television and Cinema 4 years TR  $4,250
New Media and Communication 4 years TR  $4,250
Nutrition and Dietetics 4 years TR  $4,250
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 years TR  $4,250
Nursing 4 years TR  $4,250
Justice 4 years TR  $2,550
Banking and Insurance 4 years TR  $2,550
International Trade 4 years TR  $2,550
Graphic Design 4 years TR  $2,550
Public Relations and Advertising 4 years TR  $2,550
Air Logistics 4 years TR  $2,550
Business Administration 4 years TR  $2,550
Logistics 4 years TR  $2,550
Fashion Design 4 years TR  $2,550
Civil Aviation Cabin Services 4 years TR  $2,550
Civil Aviation Transportation Management 4 years TR  $2,550
Tourism and Hotel Management 4 years TR  $2,550
Computer Programming 4 years TR  $2,550
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technologies 4 years TR  $2,550
Child Development 4 years TR  $2,550
Aircraft Technology 4 years TR  $2,550
Opticianry 4 years TR  $2,550
Construction Technologies 4 years TR  $2,550
Alternative Energy and Sources Technology 4 years TR  $2,550
Electronic Technologies 4 years TR  $2,550
E-Commerce and Marketing 4 years TR  $2,550
Flight Operations Management 4 years TR  $2,550
Medical Documentation and Secretary 4 years TR  $2,550
Program Thesis Language Fees after Discount
Business Administration Thesis EN  $6,000
Business Administration Non-Thesis EN  $5,500
Engineering Management Thesis EN  $4,800
European Union Studies Thesis EN  $4,000
International Relations Non-Thesis EN  $4,000
International Relations Thesis EN  $4,800
Architecture Non-Thesis EN  $4,000
Architecture Thesis EN  $4,800
English Language and Literature Thesis EN  $3,000
International Economics and Finance Non-Thesis EN  $4,000
International Economics and Finance Thesis EN  $4,800
Computer Engineering Thesis TR  $4,000
Computer Engineering Non-Thesis TR  $3,600
Interdisciplinary Innovation Management Thesis TR  $4,000
Educational Administration and Planning Thesis TR  $4,000
Educational Administration and Planning Non-Thesis TR  $3,600
Preschool Education Thesis TR  $4,000
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Thesis TR  $4,000
Engineering Management Thesis TR  $4,000
Physics Thesis TR  $2,500
Interior Architecture Thesis TR  $3,000
Environmental Design Thesis TR  $2,500
Managerial Economics Thesis TR  $3,000
Managerial Economics Non-Thesis TR  $2,500
Capital Markets and Finance Thesis TR  $3,000
Capital Markets and Finance Non-Thesis TR  $2,500
Productive Economics Non-Thesis TR  $2,500
Communication Arts Thesis TR  $4,000
Communication Design Thesis TR  $2,500
Geotechnical Thesis TR  $4,800
Geotechnical Non-Thesis TR  $4,000
Geomatics Engineering Thesis TR  $2,500
Geomatics Engineering Non-Thesis TR  $2,000
Project Management Thesis TR  $4,000
Project Management Non-Thesis TR  $3,600
Architecture Thesis TR  $4,000
Architecture Non-Thesis TR  $3,600
Real Estate Development and Management Non-Thesis TR  $2,000
Business Administration Thesis TR  $5,000
Quality Management and Production Thesis TR  $3,000
Quality Management and Production Non-Thesis TR  $2,500
Occupational Health and Safety Non-Thesis TR  $3,600
Business Administration Non-Thesis TR  $3,600
Business Administration Non-Thesis TR  $3,600
Public Law Thesis TR  $6,000
Public Law Non-Thesis TR  $5,500
European Human Rights Thesis TR  $3,000
Mathematics and Computer Science Thesis TR  $2,500
Architecture Thesis TR  $2,500
Architecture Non-Thesis TR  $2,000
Architectural Design Thesis TR  $4,000
Architectural Design Non-Thesis TR  $3,600
Production Management and Technology Thesis TR  $2,500
Urban Planning Thesis TR  $2,500
History of Architecture and Restoration Thesis TR  $2,500
Urban Design Thesis TR  $2,000
Molecular Biology and Genetics Thesis TR  $2,500
Private Law Thesis TR  $6,000
Private Law Non-Thesis TR  $5,500
Sports Law Non-Thesis TR  $2,500
Industrial and Organizational Psychology Thesis TR  $4,000
Turkish Language and Literature Thesis TR  $3,000
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Thesis TR  $4,000
Innovation Management Thesis TR  $4,000
Logistics Non-Thesis TR  $3,600
Radio, Television and Cinema Thesis TR  $2,500
Art and Culture Management Thesis TR  $2,500
Directorship Thesis TR  $2,500
Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Business Administration 4 years TR  $6,000
Public Law 4 years TR  $6,000
Private Law 4 years TR  $6,000
Architecture 4 years TR  $5,000
Economics 4 years TR  $5,000
Project Management 4 years TR  $5,000
Geomatics Engineering 4 years TR  $5,000
Geotechnical 4 years TR  $5,000
Mathematics 4 years TR  $3,600
Molecular Biology and Genetics 4 years TR  $3,600
Turkish Language and Literature 4 years TR  $3,600
Accommodation for females:
Every room has:
Bathroom and toilet (hot water 24 hours)
bed and pillow
The wardrobe and a small drawer next to the bed
small refrigerator
air conditioning
wireless internet network
accommodation for males:
every room has:
Bathroom and toilet (hot water 24 hours)
bed and pillow
wireless internet network
drawer and desk
And for each house, there is a room, work rooms, drawing rooms for architects, internet halls, laundry rooms, free tea rooms, and a cafeteria that offers breakfast and dinner
Room Type Expenses (US Dollar)
Male Housing  
2 Persons  3585  USD
3 Persons  3146USD
4 Persons  2707USD
Female Housing  
2 Persons   3893USD
3 Persons  3337USD
4 Persons  3000USD

The University accredited by :


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Istanbul Kültür University Location

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