The University of Kultur has more than 45 disciplines and 46 post-graduate programs (master and PhD)

The University of Kultur is located in the European section of Istanbul and is characterized by its vital location, one hour away from Ataturk Airport and about 3 minutes from the metro station.

The University of Istanbul has over than 75 international cooperation agreements which support the scientific and academic progress of the University.

Istanbul Kultur University, in cooperation with its teaching staff and students, has been able to reach the recent developments stages in all educational and scientific fields,and that’s through the joint cooperation agreements between Kultur University and universities of the European Union, Latin America, Australia, Asia, Germany, Canada and the United States of America.

The features of the University of Koltur Istanbul:

  • The University has a strong academic cadre and is renowned for its Approvals and strength at the level of the European Union and the Middle East as well.
  • Koltur University is open for international academic relations and always seeks the constant and pursuit development by all modern means.
  • The University of Koltur Istanbul includes a large number of foreign and Arab students.
  • The University offers about 27,000 books and more than 31,000 e-books and about 40,000 electronic journals in the University Library.

Kultur University Faculties:

Expenses After Discount




 $ 4.830EN4 yearsCivil Engineering
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsCivil Engineering
 $ 4.830EN4 yearsElectrical and Electronics Engineering
 $ 6.720TR4 yearsFaculty of Law
 $ 6.720EN4 yearsArchitecture
 $ 6.720TR4 yearsArchitecture
 $ 4.830EN4 yearsIndustrial Engineering
 $ 4.830EN4 yearsComputer Engineering
 $ 4.830EN4 years

Architectural interior design

 $ 4.130TR4 years

Architectural interior design

 $ 4.130TR4 yearsCommunication design
 $ 4.830EN4 yearsEnglish Language and Literature
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsTurkish Language and Literature
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsCommunication skills
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsCommunication management
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsCinema and television
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsModern communications and media systems
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsCartoon and animation
 $ 5.900TR4 yearsEducational Sciences
 $ 4.830EN4 yearsforeign languages
 $ 5.900TR4 yearsPrimary Education
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsLeading businesses
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsEconomy
 $ 4.830EN4 yearsBusiness Administration
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsBusiness Administration
 $ 4.830EN4 yearsInternational relations
 $ 4.830EN4 yearsInternational Trade
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsInternational Trade
 $ 4.300EN4 yearsPsychology
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsPsychology
 $ 4.300EN4 yearsInternational Business and Trade
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsPhysics
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsMathematics
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsGenetics and Molecular Science
 $ 4.130TR4 yearsPhysiotherapy and rehabilitation
 $ 4.130TR4 years

Nutrition and nourishment Science

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