Istanbul Bilgi University

Istanbul Bilgi University

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University discount
35 %

5500 $

$6600- 9720 $

About Bilgi University :

Istanbul Bilgi University was established  in 1996 in Istanbul, and it is one of the best private universities in Turkey, Istanbul Bilgi University ranking currently is 1632 globally, and it aims to become one of the top 500 universities in the world.

Adopting the principle of (learning not for school but for life), the only university which  had a long term partnership with Laureate Education since 2006.

The university currently has 7 faculties, 3 institutes, 4 schools, 3 vocational schools, and 150+ programs that provide education to its associate, undergraduate and graduate students.

Istanbul Bilgi University Features

  • The University currently has around 20,000 students and 45,000 alumni, approximately 1,500 academicians.
  • Istanbul Bilgi University always strives to be ranked among the firsts international universities in the world , and to expand its international accreditations and memberships boundaries, and it’s a member in European Universities Association (EAU) among other institutions and associations .
  • The University has been awarded with the quality and accreditation awards by the globally reputable institutions, such as the Accreditation of The Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA) , which is one of the best certificates of English language teaching in the world, In addition to (MÜDEK) accreditation for Engineering Sciences, and the Turkish Psychologists Association (TPD) accreditation for Psychology .
  • The university is renowned by teaching almost all of its programs in English Language , and it’s marked by its Engineering Departments .
  • Inside the university you can find The Ottoman Empire Electric Museum.

Istanbul Bilgi University Faculties and Departments

ProgramYearsLanguageFees after Discount
Architecture4EN/TR6600 $
Industrial Design4EN/TR6600 $
Interior Design4EN/TR6600 $
Civil Engineering4EN6600 $
Computer Engineering4EN6600 $
Electrical and Electronic Engineering4EN6600 $
Energy System Engineering4EN6600 $
Industrial Engineering4EN6600 $
Mechanical Engineering4EN6600 $
Mechatronic Engineering4EN6600 $
Genetics and Bioengineering4EN6600 $
Mathematics4EN6600 $
Financial Mathematics4EN6600 $
Business Administration4EN6600 $
Informatics business administration4EN6600 $
Economics4EN6600 $
Economy and project management4EN6600 $
Economics and Management4EN6600 $
Business Administration and international trade4EN6600 $
International Finance4EN6600 $
Marketing4EN6600 $
Communication design and management4EN6600 $
Visual Communication Design – Digital Game Design4EN6600 $
Public relations4TR6600 $
Film and Television4TR6600 $
Photography and Videography4TR6600 $
Communication and media4TR6600 $
TV reports and programming4TR6600 $
visual communications Design4TR6600 $
Health management4TR6600 $
Nursing4TR6600 $
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation4TR6600 $
Occupational therapy4TR6600 $
Medical injection4TR6600 $
Nutrition and Dietetics4TR6600 $
Child development4TR6600 $
International Relations4EN6600 $
Political Sciences4EN6600 $
European Union Studies4EN6600 $
Comparative literature4EN6600 $
Psychology4EN6600 $
Sociology4EN6600 $
English Language Teacher4EN6600 $
History4EN6600 $
Music4EN6600 $
Law4TR+30%EN6600 $
Banking and financial services4EN6600 $
International transport and logistics4EN6600 $
Transportation and International Transport4EN6600 $
International Retail Management4EN6600 $
Aviation school4TR6600 $
Aviation management4EN6600 $
Tourism and Hotel Management4EN6600 $
Gastronomy and culinary Arts4EN6600 $
Fashion Design4EN6600 $
Mathematical Science and Technology4TR6600 $
Sports management4EN6600 $
ProgramYearsLanguageFees after discount
International Trade2EN $ 4000
Advertising and public relations2EN $ 4000
Sea Transportation and Management2TR $ 4000
Civil aviation Cabin services2TR $ 4000
Civil Air Transportation  management2TR $ 4000
Aircraft technology2TR $ 4000
Cooking2TR $ 4000
Banking and Insurance2TR $ 4000
Graphic Design2TR $ 4000
Construction technology2TR $ 4000
Architectural restoration2TR $ 4000
Oral and dental health2TR $ 4000
Operating room services2TR $ 4000
Anesthesia2TR $ 4000
Child Development2TR $ 4000
Dental Prosthesis Technology2TR $ 4000
Dialysis2TR $ 4000
Electroneurophysiology2TR $ 4000
Physiotherapy2TR $ 4000
Opticianry2TR $ 4000
Pathology Laboratory Techniques2TR $ 4000
Audiometry2TR $ 4000
First aid and emergency2TR $ 4000
Occupational Health and Safety2TR $ 4000
Radiotherapy2TR $ 4000
Medical Imaging Techniques2TR $ 4000
Medical laboratory techniques2TR $ 4000
Law2TR $ 4000
ProgramYearsLanguageFees after discount
European studies2TR ₺18,000
Banking and Finance2EN ₺25,200
Banking and Finance (OD)2TR₺19,600
Nutrition and Dietetics2TR ₺18,000
Health Management (OD)2TR₺17,600
Information and Technology Law2TR₺25,200
Business administration (OD) without thesis2TR₺19,600
Business administration (OD) without thesis2TR₺23,920
Philosophy and Social Thought2TR₺20,000
Financial economics2TR₺25,200
Public Relations and Corporate Communications2TR₺25,200
Law (Business Law)2TR₺25,200
Law (Human Rights Law)2TR₺12,400
Human Resource Management (OD) without thesis2EN₺19,600
Human Resource Management without thesis2EN₺25,200
Clinical Psychology2TR₺45,600
Cultural Management (with or without thesis)2EN₺25,200
Cultural Studies2TR₺24,400
Electronic electrical engineering with thesis2EN₺25,200
Business administration without thesis2EN₺30,000
Business administration2TR₺25,200
Media and communication systems with thesis2EN₺25,200
Accounting and Auditing2TR₺25,200
Organizational Psychology2TR₺25,200
Management Information Systems (OD)2TR₺19,600
Marketing with or (without a thesis)2EN₺25,200
Interactive Marketing – Next Academy2TR₺25,200
Marketing Communication (Brand School)2TR₺25,200
Marketing Communications (Kozyatagi)2TR₺25,200
Film and Television2TR₺25,200
Trauma and Disaster Mental Health2TR₺25,200
International Political Economy2TR₺18,000
International Finance2TR₺25,200
International Relations2TR₺18,000
Health management (OD)2TR₺17,600
Social Projects and NGO Management2TR₺12,400
Turkish-German Business Law (İstanbul Bilgi University-Cologne University)2TR₺12,400
Dual Masters in European Studies (Istanbul Bilgi University – European University of Vienna Federn- Oder)2TR₺18,000

Bilgi University pictures

Istanbul Bilgi University Location

Main Bilgi University campus

(Sentra Istanbul)

University campus

in Koh Tabh

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