Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin University

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University discount

3360 $- 11000 $

$2160 -$14000

Istanbul Aydın University (IAU)

With its slogan of “Towards a Bright Future”, Istanbul Aydın University is a city and campus university located in the center of Istanbul with its experienced academic staff who have gained a reputation for their scientific studies Turkey and in the world.

The first thing that will engage your attention when you step on campus is the vitality of it. Istanbul Aydın University where you can experience an activity every hour of the day, is dominated by constant energy and mobility, in a short movie, or in the middle of research.

 Istanbul Aydın University (Mission) 

To be an institution that serves the community via education which puts forward world class basic, applied and interdisciplinary researches and proficiency in professions that accelerates the transformation of information into product with an infrastructure keeping up to date technologically that is required for education, training and researches at the top level.

To prepare students as competent individuals in their professions for an environment with global competition and cultural differences through taking into account their individual differences by creating a campus with the physical conditions that contain different cultures and international elements.

To create national and international cooperation with Academic Environments, Businesses and NGOs,

To promote individuals and the society into lifelong learning,

To become center of attraction in national and international arenas for students and academicians.

Istanbul Aydın University(Vision)

Istanbul Aydın University adopts an understanding of excellence in education.

And  to become a higher education institution where​ innovation prevails and individuals who will be beneficial to humanity are educated by gaining professional competences in education programs keeping up with changes.

Special discount for Yemeni students registered by NEW HORIZONS

 for Undergraduate Programs in English Language 4000 USD annually

Special discount for Yemeni students registered by NEW HORIZONS
for Undergraduate Programs in English Language 4000 USD annually

(Faculties and Departments in (IAU

ProgramYearsEnglishFees after Discount
Medicine6 yearsTR14000$
Dentistry5 yearsTR12000$
Business Administration4 yearsEN5.000$
International Trading4 yearsEN5.000$
International Politics And International Relations4 yearsEN5.000$
Aviation And Airport Management4 yearsEN5.000$
Electrical And Electronic  Engineering4 yearsEN5.000$
Industrial Engineering4 yearsEN5.000$
Computer Engineering4 yearsEN5.000$
Software Engineering4 yearsEN5.000$
English Language And Literature4 yearsEN5.000$
Arabic Language Teaching4 yearsTR2.500$
Advertising4 yearsTR3.000$
Sociology4 yearsTR3.000$
History4 yearsTR3.000$
Cultural Affairs And Arts Management4 yearsTR3.000$
Psychological Counseling And Guidance4 yearsTR3.000$
New Media And Communication Systems4 yearsTR3.000$
Turkish Language And Literature4 yearsTR3.000$
Physical And Sport Education4 yearsTR3.000$
Computer Science And Education Technology Teacher Training4 yearsTR3.000$
Elementary School Teacher Training4 yearsTR3.000$
Turkish Language Teachers Training4 yearsTR3.000$
Management Information Systems4 yearsTR3.000$
Elementary School Mathematics Teachers Training4 yearsTR3.000$
Elementary School4 yearsTR3.000$
Acting And Drama4 yearsTR3.000$
Gastronomy And Culinary Arts4 yearsTR3.000$
Accounting And Financial Management4 yearsTR3.000$
Acting And Drama4 yearsTR3.000$
Graphic Design4 yearsTR3.000$
Fashion And Textile Design4 yearsTR3.000$
Art Direction4 yearsTR3.000$
Gastronomy And Culinary Arts4 yearsTR3.000$
Journalism4 yearsTR3.000$
Food Technology4 yearsTR3.000$
Public Relation And Advertising4 yearsTR3.000$
Visual Communication Design4 yearsTR3.000$
Radio, Television And Cinema4 yearsTR3.000$
News And TV Programs4 yearsTR3.000$
Special Education Teaching4 yearsTR3.000$
Pre-School Education Teacher Training4 yearsTR3.000$
Audiology4 yearsTR4.000$
Health Management4 yearsTR4.000$
Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation4 yearsTR4.000$
Child Development4 yearsTR4.000$
Social Work4 yearsTR4.000$
Psychology4 yearsTR4.000$
Nutrition And Dietetics4 yearsTR4.000$
Textile Engineering4 yearsTR4.000$
Nursing4 yearsTR4.000$
English Language Teacher Training4 yearsTR4.000$
Translation And Interpretation (Russian)4 yearsTR4.000$
Translation And Interpretation (English)4 yearsEN/TR4.000$
Translation And Interpretation (Arabic)4 yearsAR4.000$
Cartoon And Animation4 yearsTR4.500$
Statistics4 yearsTR4.750$
Civil Engineering4 yearsTR4.850$
Economics And Finance4 yearsTR4.850$
Management4 yearsTR4.850$
Law4 yearsTR4.850$
Mechanical Engineering4 yearsTR4.850$
Computer And Mathematics4 yearsTR6.000$
Diploma Programs2 yearsTR$ 2.160
Preparatory Year ExpensesOne yearEN5.025$
ProgramThesisLanguageFees after Discount
English language literature MScWith ThesisEN$ 3.360
International Politics And Relations  MScWith ThesisEN$ 3.360
Business Administration MScWith ThesisEN$ 3.360
Business Administration for Business managers MScWithout ThesisEN$ 3.360
Electrical And Electronics Engineering MScWith ThesisEN$ 3.360
Finance and Insurance MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Human Resources ManagementWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Business Administration MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Quality management and quality assurance systems MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Local Authorities and Local Administration MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Accounting and AuditingWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Strategic Marketing and Brand ManagementWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
International EconomicsWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Business Administration for Business managers MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Public Relations MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Performing Arts MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Special rights MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Public Law MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Visual Arts MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Turkish language and literature MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Primary Education MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Psychology MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Education and Education Program MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Education Management and Supervision MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
International Relations and Intelligence Studies MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Graphic Design MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Arabic Language Training MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Information Technology Rights MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Sociology MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
History MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Cinema and Television MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
translation and interpretation MScWith ThesisTR-RU$ 3.360
New Media MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
pre-primary education MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Business Administration MSc (OD)Without ThesisTR$ 3.360
Computer Engineering MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Information Technology MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Teaching Methods Technology MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Food Engineering MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Architecture MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Interior Design MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Urban Design MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Mechanical Engineering MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Civil Engineering MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Electrical and Electronics Engineering MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Mechatronics Engineering MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Civil Engineering, Project Management and Construction MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Urban Renewal MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Food Safety MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Occupational Health and Safety MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
family counseling and guidance MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Health Control MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Health Care Management MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Nutrition and Dietetics MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Social Work MScWithout ThesisTR$ 3.360
Ideas Science MScWith ThesisTR$ 3.360
Orthodontics MScWithout ThesisTR11.000 $
ProgramYearsLanguageFees after discount
English Language And Literature PhD 4 yearsEN5.360$
Political Science And International Relations PhD 4 yearsEN5.360$
Business Administration PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Accounting And Auditing PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Turkish Language And Literature PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Public Relations And Advertising PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Graphic Design Qualifications PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Occupational Health And Safety PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Special Rights PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Computer Engineering PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Food Engineering PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Civil Engineering PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Architecture PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Food Safety PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Mechanical Engineering PhD 4 yearsTR5.360$
Dentistry PhD 4 yearsTR8.000 $ Annually
Dental Fillings PhD 4 yearsTR8.000 $ Annually
Dental Fillings (Combined MA And PhD  )4 yearsTR11.000 $ Annually
التخصصسنوات الدراسةاللغةبعد الخصم
إدارة الأعمالسنتانEN$2160
إدارة الطيران المدنيسنتانEN$2160
الترجمة من الإنجليزية إلى التركيةسنتانEN$2160
التجارة الدوليةسنتانEN$2160
الترميم المعماريسنتانEN$2160
برمجة الحاسوبسنتانEN / TR$2160
تكنولوجيا تعويضات الأسنانسنتانTR$2160
تكنولوجيا البناءسنتانTR$2160
تصميم المجوهراتسنتانTR$2160
التصميم الجرافيكيسنتانTR$2160
التطبيقات المحاسبية والضريبيةسنتانTR$2160
تصميم الأزياءسنتانTR$2160
تكنولوجيا الحاسوبسنتانEN$2160
تطبيقات الترجمة من الروسية إلى التركيةسنتانTR$2160
تطبيقات الترجمة من الأسبانية إلى التركيةسنتانTR$2160
تكنولوجيا الطيرانسنتانTR$2160
البنوك والتأمينسنتانTR$2160
إدارة النقل الجوي المدنيسنتانTR$2160
تنمية الطفلسنتانTR$2160
خدمات كابينة الطيران المدنيسنتانTR$2160
الغسيل الكلويسنتانTR$2160
الطبخ والطهيسنتانTR$2160
رعاية وتأهيل المعاقينسنتانTR$2160
تكنولوجيا الغذاءسنتانTR$2160
تحليل ومراقبة جودة الغذاءسنتانTR$2160
خدمات العناية بالشعر والجمالسنتانTR$2160
إدارة المؤسسات الصحيةسنتانTR$2160
إدارة الموارد البشريةسنتانTR$2160
تقنيات التصوير الطبيسنتانTR$2160
تقنيات المختبرات الطبيةسنتانTR$2160
الصحة والسلامة المهنيةسنتانTR$2160
صحة الفم والأسنانسنتانTR$2160
الأطراف الصناعية وتقويم العظامسنتانTR$2160
تقنيات مختبرات علم الأمراضسنتانTR$2160
تقنيات التروية الدمويةسنتانTR$2160
التصوير الفوتوغرافيسنتانTR$2160
العلاقات العامة والإعلانسنتانTR$2160
العلاج الطبيعيسنتانTR$2160
العلاقات العامة والدعايةسنتانTR$2160
إعداد برامج الراديو والتلفازسنتانTR$2160
العلاج الإشعاعيسنتانTR$2160
تصميم وإنتاج الأحذيةسنتانTR$2160
الخدمة الاجتماعيةسنتانTR$2160
خدمات الجراحةسنتانTR$2160
إدارة السياحة والفنادقسنتانTR$2160
إدارة المكاتب والمساعدة التنفيذيةسنتانTR$2160
التوثيق الطبي والتجاريسنتانTR$2160
الإدارات المحليةسنتانTR$2160
تكنولوجيا البناءسنتانTR$2160
الفسيولوجيا العصبيةسنتانTR$2160
التكنولوجيا الإلكترونيةسنتانTR$2160
المساعدات والإسعافات الأوليةسنتانTR$2160
قياس السمعسنتانTR$2160
تكنولوجيا السياراتسنتانTR$2160

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