Istanbul Aydin Mission:

  • To be an institution that serves the community through education that provides basic and multidisciplinary researches at global level, and mastering professions that accelerate the transformation of the informations into products, as well as its contribution in the development of infrastructure that meets the requirements for the educational, research and training techniques, at a higher level.
    To prepare as qualified students in their professions for global competition while taking into consideration the individual, cultural and environmental differences between its students from around the world.
    To foster national and international cooperation with academic environments, corporations, and non-governmental organizations.
    To promote the principle of lifelong learning among individuals and society.
    To become a center of attraction nationally and internationally for students and academics.

The University vision

The University of Istanbul is adopting the concept of excellence in education and becoming a higher education institution where innovations dominate, and educated people by acquiring professional skills in education programs and keeping up with the changes.


Expenses After DiscountLanguageYearsFaculty
 $ 15.000TR6 yearsMedicine
 $ 13.500TR5 yearsDentistry
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsEnglish Language and Literature
 $ 4.750TR4 yearsStatistics
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsMathematics – Computer
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsPsychology
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsTurkish Language and Literature
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsSociology
 $ 4.850TR4 yearsEconomy and Finance
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsBusiness Administration
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsInternational and Trade
 $ 4.850TR4 yearsManagement
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsAccounting and Financial Management
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsPolitical science and international relations
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsAviation and Airports Department
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsDrama and acting
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsGraphic design
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsFashion design
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsArts management
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsCartoon and animation
 $ 4.500TR4 years Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsPR and publicity
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsFaculty of Law
 $ 4.850TR4 yearsDesign of visual effects
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsElectrical and Electronics Engineering
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsIndustrial Engineering
 $ 5.000TR4 yearsAutomotive Engineering
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsRadio, cinema and television
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsNews and TV programs
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsComputer Engineering
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsNutrition Engineering
 $ 4.850TR4 yearsMechanical Engineering
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsTextile Engineering
 $ 5.000EN4 yearsSoftware Engineering
 $ 4.850TR4 yearsCivil Engineering
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsMechatronics Engineering
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsArchitecture and interior design
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsLandscape Architecture
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsIndustrial products design
 $ 4.000EN4 yearsEnglish language Education
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsPsychological Counseling and Guidance Program
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsComputer and educational techniques
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsElementary education program
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsTurkish Education
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsPreschool Education
 $ 2.500TR4 yearsArabic language Education
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsMentally disabled Education
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsEducation for Gifted Students
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsPrimary Mathematics Education Program
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsAudiology
 $ 6.000TR4 yearsChild development
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsHealth Management
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsNursing
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsSpecial Education Program
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsAdvertisement
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsPhysiotherapy and rehabilitation
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsChild pedagogy
 $ 4.500TR4 yearsSocial Service
 $ 4.000TR/EN4 yearsTranslation and Interpretation (English)
 $ 4.000TR4 yearsTranslation and Interpretation (Russian)
 $ 2.160TR2 yearsDiploma courses
 $ 2.550EN1 yearPreparatory year

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