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$3500 – $7000

$3000 – $5500

About Işık University

Işık University has been established in 1996 by The Feyziye Schools Foundation, Feyziye Schools Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Istanbul, It and one of the oldest educational institutions with a 130-year educational heritage .

Işık University carries out its education on two fully functional campuses, both are located Istanbul city, the first in Şile region and the second in the famous Maslak.

Işık University has strengthened today to 5 Faculties with 35 undergraduate programs, two Vocational Schools with 21 associate degree programs, Graduate Institutes in Social Sciences and Applied Sciences, a School of Foreign Languages, and a Center for Continuing Education.

The university has global aims through which it pursuits to enlighten society through science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics.

The university also works to rehabilitate and train students to face life challenges and to support the educational system in Turkey

Işık University Features

  • Educational quality, as the university follows international quality standards that include updating and developing educational curricula.
  • Scientific research, as Işık University is considered one of the most distinguished universities in the field of academic scientific research.
  • English is the primary language of study at the university.
  • Students who want to study and master the language before starting their specialization can enroll in the School of Foreign Languages (SFL) of Işık University, accredited by EAQUALS (the world-famous international institution and accreditation body for language teaching institutions).

Işık University Faculties and Departments

Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Economy  4 EN $3000
Administration  4 EN $3000
Political Sciences  4 EN $3000
International Relations  4 EN $3000
International Logistics Management  4 EN $3000
International Trade  4 EN $3000
Humanities And Social Sciences  4 EN $3000
Psychology  4 EN $3000
Management Information Systems  4 EN $3000
Computer Engineering  4 EN $3850
Industrial Engineering  4 EN $3850
Medical Equipment Engineering  4 EN $3850
Electrical And Electronic Engineering  4 EN $3850
Civil Engineering  4 EN $3850
Mechanical Engineering  4 EN $3850
Mechatronic Engineering  4 EN $3850
Automotive Engineering  4 EN $3850
Software Engineering  4 EN $3850
Interior Architecture And Landscape Design  4 EN $3850
Architecture  4 EN $3850
Psychology  4 TR $3000
Management Information Systems  4 TR $3000
  Visual  Communications Design  4 TR $3000
  Visual Arts  4 TR $3000
Interior Architecture  4 TR $3000
Fashion And Textile Design  4 TR $3000
  Film And Television  4 TR $3000
Administration  4 TR $3000
Industrial Design  4 TR $3850
Architecture  4 TR $3850
Mechanical Engineering  4 TR $3850
Civil Engineering  4 TR $3850
English Language Study One Year EN $3850
Program Thesis Language Fees after Discount
civil engineering without Thesis EN 3000$
civil engineering Thesis EN 3500$
Executive Business Administration Thesis/without Thesis EN 3500$
International Relations Thesis/without Thesis EN 3500$
Middle East Studies without Thesis EN 3500$
Industrial Engineering Research Thesis EN 3500$
Industrial Engineering Research without Thesis EN 3000$
Executive Business Administration  Thesis/without Thesis TR 3500$
Business administration (OD) Thesis/without Thesis TR 3500$
Applied Economy Thesis/without Thesis TR 3500$
Accounting and Auditing Thesis/without Thesis TR 3500$
electronic Engineering Thesis TR 3500$
electronic Engineering without Thesis TR 3000$
Computer engineering Thesis TR 3500$
Computer engineering  without Thesis TR 3000$
Mechanical Engineering Sciences Thesis TR 3500$
Mechanical Engineering Sciences without Thesis TR 3000$
Information Technology Thesis TR 3500$
Information Technology without Thesis TR 3000$
Technology and Innovation Management Thesis TR 3500$
Information management systems without Thesis TR 3000$
art and criticism theory Thesis TR 3500$
Mathematics Thesis TR 3500$
Clinical psychology Thesis/without Thesis TR 3500$
Master of Painting Thesis TR 3500$
Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Computer engineering  4 TR 10500$
Electronic  engineering  4 TR 10500$
Contemporary Management Studies 4 TR 10500$
Mathematics 4 TR 10500$
Program Years Language Fees
Audiometry 2 TR 2000$
Occupational Health and Safety 2 TR 2000$
Optometrist 2 TR 2000$
Medical documentation 2 TR 2000$
Operating room services 2 TR 2000$
Medical laboratory techniques 2 TR 2000$
Medical imaging techniques 2 TR 2000$
first aid 2 TR 2000$
graphic design 2 TR 2000$
Architectural restoration 2 TR 2000$
Radio and TV technology 2 TR 2000$
Fashion design 2 TR 2000$
Types of rooms Expenses for 9 Months
Private Suite for two 11.500 TL
Private suite for two with en suite bathroom 9.350 TL
Private suite for 3 8.300 TL
Single Room 9.300 TL
Internal suite for 3 5.800 TL

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Işık University Location

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