Its Acronym for “International English Language Testing System”

It is one of the most important accredited international exams in English language

It measures the aptitude and capabilities of a person to communicate in English and is prepared by an elite and expert English language expert, It is constantly being developed in line with practical and scientific life, and this test is characterized by clear accuracy in performance and objectivity of results.

The test is divided into two parts:


A person applies to this type if he wants to study in any country in the world.

General Training

A person applies to this type if he  wants to emigrate or work in a specific field in any country in the world.

IELTS Test Sections

Listening test:

 This part consists of four audio clips to measure the skill of listening, and then answers a set of questions related to what was previously heard, during  a limited time of 30 minutes.

Reading test:

This part consists of 40 questions to measure reading skills in the English language during  a limited time of one hour.

Writing test:

The applicant will be required to write an essay in English in order to measure language abilities and vocabulary, and the applicant’s knowledge of English grammar and the writing period does not exceed one hour.

Conversation test:

In this part of the test, a conversation will be held with an expert in the English language and you will speak and respond in English with the applicant, and the test period in this part does not exceed 14 minutes.

Note: the IELTS test is not recognized by Turkish universities but it  is recognized in Cyprus.