The FIU was established in 2015 in Kyrenia in the Northern Cyprus ,as a partnership between the institutions of final education,the leading educational brand in Turkey, and the DMG-Akgünler group, the leading tourism company in Northern Cyprus.

in 2016-2017 , and by the auspices of 3 colleges and one vocational school the university opened its doors to students with 7 university programs,and it will continue its educational activities through 13 programs in 5 colleges and one vocational school at 2017-2018 academic year.

FINAL has provided educational services for more than 40 years. With its 415 educational institutions, it has upgraded the  students at all levels from kindergarten to high school.

and because of it ,more than 3.5 million young students have made their dreams come true through university education so far.


  • Our mission is to teach our students how to be creative, open minded and adaptable.
  • Our programs are working to develop curriculum expertise along with excellent communication skills and  technological proficiency,and to prepare our students to become a strong team leaders.
  • We offer life experiences and practical skills that transform academic success into career opportunities.


The University aims to create a distinguished reputation in the field of international research achievements, and to graduate students with the skills and knowledge who will be experts and innovators in their professional fields.

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