European University of Lefke





About University

The European University of LEFKE ,that founded by the Cyprus Science Foundation, officially began its academic activities in 1990 as a public university institution.

The University and all the departments concerned to it have been accredited by the Council of Higher Education of the Turkey since its first day of establishment.

The university campus is located on a hill in one of the richest natural corners of the island, overlooking the local landscape with a full view of the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea provides an ideal environment for students to pursue academic studies.

With its excellent infrastructure and technological equipment, EUL is the leading brand of education in the western Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The University offers a multicultural environment that meets all students needs.

The goal of the University is to be an independent university that is able for modification and development,and  produces science and technology, also acts as a model with its multicultural diversity.

More importantly, at the European Lefke University, students are trained to become honest, creative and professional people with distinguished personalities, who are able to think critically and are able to contribute to society in scientific matters. and that’s to promote cultural diversity, Intercultural competence and empathy within the university and society, in order to contribute to the well-being and peace of society in the region and around the world, to take a leading role in the economic, social and cultural development of the country,and that’s by giving priority to the academic fields and education and accelerating scientific and technological innovations and developments.

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