Cyprus International University

Cyprus International University

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University discount

1600- 3200

2550  –12500

About Cyprus International University

Cyprus International University was founded in 1997, and it is a private educational institution located on the outskirts of a large town of Nicosia in Northern Cyprus, Cyprus International University (CIU) has a large enrollment rate (20,000-25,000) students The university offers officially approved courses and programs such as a pre-bachelor’s degree (i.e. certificates and diplomas, associate or foundation degree), Acceptance rate range is 60-70% what makes this Cyprus educational institution somewhat eclectic.

Cyprus International University Features

  • Cyprus International University is one of the best universities in Cyprus and Turkey, as it was founded in 1992 and ranked second among the 12 Turkish University of Cyprus.
  • Cyprus International University is the second university in Cyprus out of 10 that provide the Clinical Pharmacy Program (Pharm D).
  • Cyprus International University is ranked fifth out of 43 private universities in Turkey.
  • University recognized and accredited by the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs (MÜDEK) which is equivalent to ABET Accreditation, And by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK), And by the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), And by the United Kingdom national agency for the recognition and comparison (UK NARIC), And many international and international confessions and credits.

 Cyprus International University Faculties and Departments

Programs Years Language Tuition Fees after Discount
Clinical pharmacy (PharmD)6EN3500€
Social work4EN2550€
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation4EN2550€
Nutrition and Dietitian4EN2550€
Agricultural production technology4EN2550€
Molecular Biology and Genetics4EN2550€
Interior Design4EN2550€
civil engineering4EN2550€
Artificial Intelligence Engineering4EN2550€
Computer engineering4EN2550€
Information Systems Engineering4EN2550€
Energy Systems Engineering4EN2550€
Petroleum and natural gas engineering4EN2550€
Mechanical engineering4EN2550€
Electrical and Electronic Engineering4EN2550€
Medical engineering4EN2550€
Medical equipment engineering4EN2550€
Biomedical Engineering4EN2550€
Industrial engineering4EN2550€
Environmental engineering4EN2550€
Software Engineering4EN2550€
Mechatronics Engineering4EN2550€
Computer engineering4EN2550€
Engineering Management4EN2550€
Management information systems4EN2550€
Information Technology4EN2550€
Information security technology4EN2550€
Computer technology and programming4EN2550€
Tourism and Hotel management4EN2550€
Gastronomy and culinary arts4EN2550€
Translate and interpretation4EN2550€
English language Teaching4EN2550€
Computer curricula Teaching4EN2550€
Pre-school teaching4EN2550€
Business Administration4EN2550€
Accounting and finance4EN2550€
International law4EN2550€
International Relations4EN2550€
Digital Marketing and Media4EN2550€
Advertising and public relations4EN2550€
Radio, TV and cinema4EN2550€
Graphic design4EN2550€
Visual Communication Design4EN2550€
Public relations and advertising2 yearsEN2550€
Radio and TV2 yearsEN2550€
Computer programming2 yearsEN2550€
Construction technology2 yearsEN2550€
Construction technology2 yearsEN2550€
Emergency and first aid2 yearsEN2550€
Program Years Language Tuition Fees
civil engineering2 YearsEN1600€
Mechanical engineering2 YearsEN1600€
Computer engineering2 YearsEN1600€
Bioengineering2 YearsEN1600€
Information Systems Engineering2 YearsEN1600€
Electronic and Communication Engineering2 YearsEN1600€
Electrical and Electronic Engineering2 YearsEN1600€
Energy Systems Engineering2 YearsEN1600€
Environmental engineering2 YearsEN1600€
Engineering Management2 YearsEN1600€
Environment Science2 YearsEN1600€
Architecture2 YearsEN1600€
Interior Design2 YearsEN1600€
Information Technology2 YearsEN1600€
Management information systems2 YearsEN1600€
Accounting and finance2 YearsEN1600€
Economy2 YearsEN1600€
Banking and International financing2 YearsEN1600€
Pharmacy – pharmacology2 YearsEN1600€
Chemistry2 YearsEN1600€
Plant Science and Technology2 YearsEN1600€
Psychological advice and counseling2 YearsEN1600€
Communication and media studies2 YearsEN1600€
Business Administration2 YearsEN1600€
Education and Planning Management2 YearsEN1600€
Health Organization Administration2 YearsEN1600€
Marketing Management2 YearsEN1600€
International law2 YearsEN1600€
International relations2-1.5 YearsEN1600€
Graphic design2/1.5 YearsEN1600€
Tourism and hotel management2/1.5 YearsEN1600€
Social Work2/1.5 YearsEN1600€
English Language Literature2/1.5 YearsEN1600€
English language Teaching2/1.5 YearsEN1600€
Information technology in education2/1.5 YearsEN1600€
Program Years Language Tuition Fees
civil engineering4-3EN2000€
Computer engineering4-3EN2000€
Electrical and Electronic Engineering4-3EN2000€
Management information systems4-3EN2000€
Environmental engineering4-3EN2000€
environment Science4-3EN2000€
Energy Systems Engineering4-3EN2000€
Pharmacy – pharmacology4-3EN2000€
Healthcare management4-3EN2000€
Business Administration4-3EN2000€
Professional business management4-3EN2000€
International relations4-3EN2000€
Communication and media studies4-3EN2000€
English language Teaching4-3EN2000€
Tourism and hotel management4-3EN2000€

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