Beykent University

Registration and admission is

University discount
40 %


$3000 – $10500

About Beykent University

Istanbul Beykent University is one of the oldest private Turkish universities, the university was founded in 1997.

The university has agreements with European universities on Socrates and Erasmus programs, these agreements allow the university students to continue their education in European universities And for foreign students to study in Turkey through the international student exchange system.

Beykent University Features

  • The university provides an opportunity for students who want international training to get what they dream of through its International training programs.
  • Beykent University has grown its facilities for teaching, learning and research on to Five separate campuses. Today it has 10 Faculties, 4 Higher Education Colleges, 2 Institutes, 3 Research Centers and an open Distance education program.
  • A high quality learning experience is offered to students with most of university majors, and most of Medical and Engineering Programs, The medium of education of the courses at Beykent University are either English or Turkish.
  • The university is accredited by the European Union and many Arab countries as well.
  • There are 49 undergraduate programs available at the university, three among them are open distance education programs.

Beykent University Faculties and Departments

Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Medicine 6 TR 10500$
Dentistry 5 TR 10500$
Architecture 4 EN/TR 3000$
Banking and Finance 4 EN/TR 3000$
Medical Equipment Engineering 4 TR 3000$
Business Administration 4 EN/TR 3000$
Capital market and portfolio management 4 TR 3000$
Film and television 4 EN/TR 3000$
Civil Engineering 4 EN/TR 3000$
Design and communication 4 TR 3000$
Computer Engineering 4 EN/TR 3000$
Acting and performance 4 TR 3000$
Economy 4 EN/TR 3000$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 TR 3000$
English language and literature 4 EN 3000$
Gastronomy and culinary arts 4 TR 3000$
Graphic design 4 TR 3000$
Occupational Health and Safety management 4 TR 3000$
History 4 TR 3000$
Industrial Engineering 4 EN/TR 3000$
Industrial product design 4 EN/TR 3000$
Interior design and architecture 4 TR 3000$
International logistics and transportation 4 EN+TR 3000$
International Relations 4 EN 3000$
International Trade 4 EN/TR 3000$
Law 4 TR 3000$
Management Information Systems 4 EN+TR 3000$
Mechanical engineering 4 EN/TR 3000$
media and Communication  4 TR 3000$
New media  4 TR 3000$
Nursing 4 TR 3000$
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation 4 TR 3000$
Nutrition and Dietetics 4 TR 3000$
Political science and public administration 4 EN/TR 3000$
psychology 4 TR 3000$
Public Relations and Advertising 4 TR 3000$
Sociology 4 EN/TR 3000$
Software Engineering 4 TR 3000$
studios and performing arts Management 4 TR 3000$
TV and program reporting 4 TR 3000$
Fashion and textile design 4 TR 3000$
Tourism and Hotel Management 4 TR 3000$
Translation and interpretation 4 EN 3000$
Turkish language and literature 4 TR 3000$
Visual communications Design 4 TR 3000$

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