Bahcesehir University

Bahcesehir University

Registration and admission is

University discount

$9000 -$12000

5530-$ 25000 $

About BAU 

Bahçeşehir University is founded in Istanbul in 1998 AD, the University is ranked now 2099 globally, and it aims to become one of the best 500 universities in the world by 2023 AD, Bahçeşehir University (BAU) is a private educational institution in Istanbul.

The slogan “At the heart of Istanbul” is suitable for a university like Bahçeşehir University (BAU)… With its main campus on the edge of the Bosphorus in Besiktas each day begins early with rapid mobility and continues throughout the day. Moreover, it is possible to encounter an event at almost every part of the university.

Bahçeşehir University features

Bahçeşehir University is characterized by having several branches around the world in several countries such as,  Washington and Silicon Valley in the United States, Berlin in Germany, Toronto in Canada, Georgia, Azerbaijan, China, Italy and Northern Turkish Cyprus.

In addition, BAU has professors and students exchange programs with many universities around the world.

There are 9 faculties, 2 colleges and 2 vocational schools in Bahçeşehir university. Postgraduate education is provided in 4 institutes.

Bahçeşehir University has cooperative agreements with many universities in the world, such as: New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Mukogawa University, The Technical University of Berlin and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

BAU does not only cater to undergraduate students but also organizes programs for graduates and graduate candidates. Our Graduates Office holds events throughout the year and our BAU graduate family grows each year while sustaining a strong bond even after graduation.

Moreover, The student at Bahçeşehir University has the opportunity to continue his studies at many universities his studies at many universities that have a cooperation agreement with Bahçeşehir University In the United States or Europe., Through Bahçeşehir University’s agreements and its project, ” My University Campus is The Whole World” .

Faculties and Departments in (BAU)

FacultyYearsLanguageFees after Discount
Professional Aviation4EN$7900
Psychological counseling and guidance4EN5530$
Computer teaching4EN5530$
English language Teaching4EN5530$
New Media4EN5530$
Nutrition and Dietetics4EN5530$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4EN5530$
Digital Games Design4EN5530$
Photography and video4EN5530$
Communication Design4EN5530$
Public Relations4EN5530$
Cinema  and television4EN7900$
Electrical and Electronic  Engineering4EN7900$
Civil Engineering4EN7900$
Molecular Science and Genetics4EN7900$
Industrial Engineering4EN7900$
Computer Engineering4EN7900$
Medical Engineering4EN7900$
Energy Systems Engineering4EN7900$
Engineering management4EN7900$
Mechatronics Engineering4EN7900$
Software Engineering4EN7900$
American Culture and Literature4EN7900$
European Union Relations4EN7900$
Economics and Finance4EN7900$
Business Administration4EN7900$
Logistics management4EN7900$
International Finance4EN7900$
International Business and Trade Management4EN7900$
Interior Design4EN7900$
Industrial Design4EN7900$
Nutrition and Dietetics4TR5530$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4TR5530$
Health institutions management4TR5530$
Child Development4TR5530$
ProgramThesisLanguageProgram Fees
Biological Engineering MScWith thesisEN$ 9.000
Architecture  MScWith thesisEN$ 9.000
Computer Engineering MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Large Data Analysis And Management  MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Safety Systems  MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Electrical And Electronics Engineering MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Energy Systems Engineering And Operations Systems MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Engineering Management MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Industrial Engineering MScWith thesisEN$ 9.000
Information Technology  MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Mechatronics Engineering MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Business Administration MSc (OD)Without thesisEN$ 9.000
Executive MBAWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Financial Economics MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Entrepreneurship And Innovation Management MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Global Affairs MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Clinical Psychology MScWith thesisEN$ 9.000
Business Administration  MSc (MBA)Without thesisEN$ 9.000
Games Design MScWith thesisEN$ 9.000
Capital And Financial Markets MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Marketing  MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
Cinema And Television MScWith thesisEN$ 9.000
Strategic Design And Management MSc Without thesisEN$ 9.000
History  MScWith thesisEN$ 9.000
Guidance And Counseling MScWith thesisEN$ 9.000
Education Technology MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
English Language Teaching  MScWithout thesisEN$ 9.000
English Language Teaching  MSc (OD)Without thesisEN$ 9.000
Neuroscience MScWith thesisEN$ 9.000
Higher Education Management And Leadership MScWith thesisEN$ 9.000
Talent And Gifted Education MScWith thesisEN$ 9.000
Applied Mathematics MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Information Technology MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Interior Design MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Energy And Environment Management MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Acoustics Technology MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Planning And Transportation Management Systems  MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Business Administration MSc  (MBA) (OD)Without thesisTR$ 9.000
Architecture MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Construction And Building Management  MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Engineering Management MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Actuarial Science MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Advanced Work MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Human Resources MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Public Law MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Marketing And International Business MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
International Politics And Relations  MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Business Administration MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Accounting And International Reports MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Private Rights MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Marketing Communications And Public Relations MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Advertising, Brand Management And Communication MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Capital Markets And Commercial Rights MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Sports Management MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Strategic Marketing And Brand Management MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Distance Education, International And Political Relations MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Information Systems Management MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Education Technology MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Education And Planning Management MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Educational Design And Evaluation MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Early Childhood Education MaWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Higher Education Management MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
School Education Technology MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Talent And Gifted Education  MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Guidance And Counseling MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Chiropractic MasterWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Family Counseling  MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Health Informatics MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Health Administration MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000
Nursing  MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Nutrition And Dietetics MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Neuroscience MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation MScWith thesisTR$ 9.000
Social Work MScWithout thesisTR$ 9.000

University housing

Services provided inside the residence

  • Laundromat at low prices
  • Ironing service, regular and dry clean
  • Free cleaning of rooms according to schedule
  • Study rooms
  • The breakfast and dinner hall
  • Big Shared hall
Services providedSingle room23
Rent700 $560$450$
Gas, electricity and waterFree within the housing priceFree within the housing priceFree within the housing price
InternetFree within the housing priceFree within the housing priceFree within the housing price
Meals300 $150 $150 $
Health insurance200 $ Annually150 $ Annually150 $ Annually
Fun activities30$15$15$
Total monthly Fees1150 $650 $650 $



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 32شخصالخدمات المقدمة
450$560$700 $الإيجار
مجانية ضمن سعر السكنمجانية ضمن سعر السكنمجانية ضمن سعر السكنالغاز والكهرباء والماء
مجانية ضمن سعر السكنمجانية ضمن سعر السكنمجانية ضمن سعر السكنالإنترنت
150 $150 $300 $وجبات الطعام
سنوياً 150 $سنوياً 150 $سنوياً 200 $التأمين الصحي
15$15$30$الأنشطة الترفيهية
650 $650 $1150 $الإجمالي للطالب بالشهر

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