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About Ankara Medipol :

In the belief that success in the scientific and technological fields will be the driving force for sustained growth and social and economic improvement in Turkey, Ankara University Medipol was founded by the Turkish Foundation for Education, Health, Science and Research in 2018, giving priority to the training of personnel equipped with a high level of educational programs and opportunities that Turkey and the world need.

Ankara Medipol’s vision and mission:

Vision :
To be a pioneer university that seeks continuous improvement, guiding science and society with a strong corporate culture, entrepreneurship and dynamism
Ankara University Medipol has gained a permanent distinction because of the diversity of education it provides, focusing on science and technology and adopting the principle of training individuals who can meet the changing needs of society. It believes that it is their duty to contribute to society and science in the world.
– Tolerance
– Perfection
– Commitment to ethical values
– Participation
– Innovation
– Environmentally friend

Ankara Medipol’s location:

The university is located in the center of Ankara within the borders of the Altendag Province, near the Gençelk Park, and is accessible to the university from all over the city by only one means of transport. The university has one campus, Anafartalar, and it is the main campus.

Ankara Medipol’s features:

– The university is contracted with three of the most important local and international student exchange programs: the Erasmus program, one of the most important student exchange programs in the European Union, the Milvana program, an academic exchange of students and faculty members between Turkish universities and educational institutions in other countries, and finally the Faraby program, a Turkish program which gives students an opportunity for cultural and academic exchange among educational institutions in Turkey.
– The university includes 9 colleges in different specializations, 3 vocational schools, Institute of Higher Studies, two committees of social research and health sciences
– A large library that supports education, training and research programs and meets the needs of lecturers, students and researchers for information and documentation. It also includes national and international publications in many social, cultural, scientific, arts, literature and health fields, and is closely following world developments.
– The university includes a cafeteria and a cafe, as well as a restaurant that offers lunch using a self-service method. It is invested by a private catering company. There are also machines available at the entrances to the buildings on campus, in addition to a store for selling books, stationery and printing services.
– The dentistry clinic, located in the heart of the university’s dentistry faculty, helps dentistry students acquire the manual skills and clinical competencies necessary during their education
– The Cooking and Food Preparation Laboratory, located in the University’s Department of Nutrition, provides students with ways to prepare food, food content, and losses during cooking, and offers basic and traditional recipes in a nutrient-based lab that gives the lab an opportunity for students to put their theoretical knowledge of foods into practice .
– The Vocational Skills Lab at the university’s College of Health Sciences, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and models, to be closer to the actual clinic, helping nursing students acquire the cognitive, emotional and psychological skills and competencies required during their studies.

Faculties and Departments in Ankara Medipol university

Discipline Years language Fees after Discount
Human Medicine 6years EN 19000$
Human Medicine 6years TR 16000$
Dentistry 5years EN 14000$
Dentistry 5years TR 12000$
Pharmacy 5years EN 7000$
Pharmacy 5years


TR 6600$
Psychology 4years EN 3500$
International trade and finance 4years EN 3500$
Cooking and cooking arts 4years EN 3500$
Political science and international relations 4years EN 3500$
Psychology 4years TR 3500$
Public Relations and Advertising 4years TR 3500$
International trade and finance 4years TR 3500$
Information Systems Management 4years TR 3500$
Nutrition and diet 4years TR 3750$
Speech and language therapy 4years TR 3750$
Midwifery 4years TR 3750$
Physical/physical therapy 4years TR 3750$
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation 4years TR 3750$
Nursing 4years TR 3750$
Interior architecture and environmental design 4years TR 4250$
Law 4years TR 6600$
Discipline Years language After discount
Oral and dental health 2years TR 1900$
Operating room services 2years TR 1900$
Anesthesia 2years TR 1900$
Biomedical device technology 2years TR 1900$
Physiotherapy 2years TR 1900$
Dialysis 2years TR 1900$
First aid 2years TR 1900$
Radiation therapy 2years TR 1900$
Hearing measurement 2years TR 1900$
Optics 2years TR 1900$
Medical laboratory techniques 2years TR 1900$
Medical imaging techniques 2years TR 1900$
Department of Health Tourism 2years TR 1900$
Computer programming 2years TR 1900$
Construction technology 2years TR 1900$
Marketing Management 2years TR 1900$
Interior 2years TR 1900$
Justice 2years TR 1900$

The University accredited by :

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