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About Medipol Ankara University

Medipol Ankara University is considered to be one of the newest Turkish universities, keeping pace with technological advancements and is equipped with a high-level technical infrastructure of modern classrooms and laboratories with the purpose of to enhancing the practical side of the curriculums, the university has new majors available in its ten campuses and teaching them in the best educational methods done by academic experts who make sure their students are well taught and providing them with help to overcome the difficulties in their university journey.

Medipol Ankara University Establishment

Medipol Ankara University was established in 2018 by Turkish Foundation of Health Education and Research, which is considered to be the main body supporting educational establishments in the hear of the Turkish Capital Ankara, specifically in the city of Altindag.

Medipol Ankara University Mission

Medipol Ankara University follows the principle of social and economic development and the provision of individuals with academic qualifications And features that make them the best among their peers.
to provide ambitious people with a continuous drive to develop fields of science and technology and with great ability to adapt to the technological changes.

Medipol Ankara University Vision

To become a leading institute in the education field through the curriculum developed with a modern dynamism Focused on continuous development.

Medipol Ankara University Campus

Medipol Ankara University campus is distinguished by its architecture and location, considered one of the oldest buildings in the Turkish capital, built in 1928 at the beginning of the republican rule and transforming it into a university campus under the name “Anafartalar
With the purpose of providing a high-quality educational level, Medipol Ankara University has equipped its campuses in all classes Modern design courses, training and application centers such as a professional nursing skills lab, in addition it established one of the most advanced simulation laboratories for Dentistry students equipped it with 90 simulation models and state of the art devices for students to get hands-on experience and treatment methods before practicing with real patients.

Quick information about Medipol Ankara University

The campus includes 10 university colleges, including faculty of Medicine, faculty of Dentistry, and faculty of Pharmacy, in which 41 undergraduate programs are taught, 2 graduate faculties, 3 vocational schools and a preparatory school.

The programs are taught by 200 distinguished academics who are considered to be the best worldwide Some of them have been ranked among the world’s most influential scientists.

Medipol Ankara University gained -in a short time to- the trust of students and academics and to host more than 2881 students, including 310 international students.

Advantages of studying at Medipol Ankara University

Medipol Ankara University is one of the Turkish universities that has most of its curriculums taught in English and Turkish. Medipol Ankara University has developed preparatory programs for the English language similar preparatory programs taught in the US.

Student life at Medipol Ankara University is characterized by its vitality and scientific value, as the university aims to create an environment educational service to meet all the students’ academic needs. For that purpose, the university recruits the best academics and professors who have a reputation for excellence in their respective fields.

Medipol Ankara University has a massive university library that includes both printed and digital books and others, giving its students the advantage of having all their sources available at their reach

Medipol Ankara University has signed many international students exchange agreements to name some: Erasmus, Al-Farabi and Mevlana, to strengthen relations with universities and international institutions abroad and giving academics and students the opportunity Learn about different cultures.

Medipol Ankara University has lots social facilities including restaurants, cafeterias, and gardens.

Faculties and Departments in Ankara Medipol university

Discipline Years language Fees after Discount
Medicine 6years EN  $26,400
Medicine 6years TR  $21,600
Dentistry 5years EN  $22,400
Dentistry 5years TR  $20,000
Pharmacy 5years EN  $10,400
Pharmacy 5years TR  $8,470
Computer Engineering 4years EN  $5,000
Management Information Systems 4years EN  $4,410
Political Science and International Relations 4years EN  $4,410
International Trade and Finance 4years EN  $4,410
Nursing 4years EN  $5,000
Psychology 4years EN  $4,410
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 4years EN  $4,410
Law 4years TR  $7,985
Nursing 4years TR  $4,640
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4years TR  $5,600
Nutrition and Dietetics 4years TR  $4,640
Audiology 4years TR  $4,640
Midwifery 4years TR  $4,640
Occupational Therapy 4years TR  $4,640
Speech and Language Therapy 4years TR  $4,640
Psychology 4years TR  $4,410
International Trade and Finance 4years TR  $4,410
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 4years TR  $5,220
Public Relations and Advertising 4years TR  $4,410
Discipline Years language After discount
Justice 2years  $2,610
Oral and Dental Health 2years  $2,610
Operation Room Services 2years  $2,610
Anesthesia 2years  $2,610
Biomedical Device Technologies 2years  $2,610
Dental Prosthesis 2years  $2,610
Dialysis 2years  $2,610
Physiotherapy 2years  $2,610
First and Emergency Aid 2years  $2,610
Audiometry 2years  $2,610
Opticianry 2years  $2,610
Radiotherapy 2years  $2,610
Health Tourism Management 2years  $2,610
Medical Imaging Techniques 2years  $2,610
Medical Laboratory Techniques 2years  $2,610
Computer Programming 2years  $2,610
Interior Design 2years  $2,610
Construction Technologies 2years  $2,610
Marketing 2years  $2,610

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