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جامعة التن باش تركيا

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About Altinbas university :

– The Altinbas university was founded in 2008 by the Mohammed Altinbas Foundation for Education and Culture, “Istanbul Kemerburgaz”.
– The university has adopted its new name, “The University of Altinbas” , since 2017.
– The university welcomed its first students in the year 2011/2012 and turned into an international research university and showed its extraordinary progress in a very short period of time.
– Today, the organization continues to provide valuable additional contributions to the scientific community through the large number of patents granted to it, TUBITAK projects, the high rate of teaching publications, and participation in international conferences.
– The management of Altinbas University is interested in selecting the strongest academic staff to add value to global knowledge, and to ensure its global structure, international cooperation, and its creative and competitive vision that enables students to enhance their expertise and learning process to ensure the emergence and excellence of each student who graduates into a crowd of competitors.
– The University of the Altinbas continues to modernize itself according to the latest trends in the twenty_first century in education and educational technology, and is improving learning processes through a lifelong learning methodology. It is tasked with promoting borderless thinking, innovation, innovative learning, and research environments, and working in a way that benefits society.

Altinbas Vision and mission :

The vision of the university is to be a global university in Turkey.
Its goal is to prepare people who are able to increase value for themselves and for society.

Altinbas university location and campuses :

The Altinbas university is located in Istanbul, Turkey, on the European part of the city, where the main campus of the university is located in Baghglar, and specifically in the famous Mahmoud Bayh ST.
The university also has two other campuses, the Bakirkui campus and Gert Tappe campus, all in the heart of the European part of the city.

Features of Altinbas university :

– The University of Altinbas is distinguished by its partnerships with several Europian countries, as well as its participation in the Erasmus Group for student exchange among universities worldwide.
– and as part of its goal to become a center for international scientific research and activities, there are more than 3,000 of the 10,000 students admitted to the University of Altinbas, from 88 different countries in the world .
– The university has links with more than 270 universities in 40 countries around the world.
– Altinbas university is committed to business partnerships with more than 100 companies.
– The university has credits from the European Union and a number of Arab countries, foremost among them Iraq, Egypt and Jordan.
– The Altinbas is distinguished by its strong and highly competent teaching staff, as it has teaching experience in the best universities and national and international institutions.
– The university is interested in a strong English language education, where it offers professional English lessons in its curriculum with the help of an experienced academic staff teaching English.
– The university offers scholarships and funding opportunities for students as job opportunities for university students.
– A career support center to help students find pre_graduation jobs, in addition to securing jobs in holding companies.

Altinbas university services :

– University of Altinbas has 9 high schools Graduate Institute,
2 vocational schools foreign language school
– A hospital related to the university in the heart of Istanbul.
– Largest health science campus in Turkey 40,000 m2.
– Large library with more than 56553 publication and folder and more than 1350000 book and electronic magazine.
– More than 70 student clubs.
– Student accommodation fully equipped to provide a clean, comfortable, safe and civilized environment for students.

Altınbaş University  Faculties and Departments

Program Years Language Fees after discount
Human Medicine 6 EN 20000$
Dentistry 5 EN 15000$
Pharmacy 5 EN 11250$
Economy  4 EN 3000$
Political Science And Public Administration 4 EN 3000$
International Relations 4 EN 3000$
International Logistics Management 4 EN 3000$
Sociology 4 EN 3000$
International Trade 4 EN 3000$
Software Engineering 4 EN 4000$
Electrical And Electronics Engineering 4 EN 4000$
Architecture 4 EN 4000$
Civil Engineering 4 EN 4000$
Computer Engineering 4 EN 4000$
interior architecture and environmental design 4 EN 4250$
Mechanical Engineering 4 EN 4000$
business management 4 EN 4000$
Psychology 4 EN 4000$
Industrial Engineering 4 EN 4000$
Cinema And Television 4 TR 3000$
Management Information Systems 4 TR 3000$
Cooking art 4 TR 3500$
Law 4 TR/EN 4250$
  Turkis- German Law  4 TR/GE 4250$
Program Master System Language Fees after Discount
Gum disease Without letter TR 16200$
Pediatric Dentistry Without letter TR 16200$
Cosmetic dentistry With letter EN 25000$
Orthodontics With letter EN 25000$
Political science and international relations With letter EN/TR 4500$
Electronics And Computer Engineering With letter EN 4000$
Information Technology With letter EN 4000$
Biomedical Sciences With letter EN 4000$
Architecture With letter EN 4000$
Civil Engineering With letter EN 4000$
Industrial Engineering With letter EN 4000$
Mechanical Engineering With letter EN 4000$
Business Administration (Mba) With letter EN/TR 4500$
International Trade Law With letter TR 4000$
Strategic Marketing And Branding With letter TR 4000$
Public law With letter TR 4000$
Art & Design With letter TR 4000$
Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Gum surgery 4 EN 10000$
International relations (after bachelor’s) 4 EN 10000$
Pharmacy Science 4 TR
Electronics And Computer Engineering 4 EN 10000$
Private law 4 TR 10000$
Business Administration 4 TR 10000$
Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Occupational Health And Safety 2 Years TR $3000
Social Work 2 Years TR $3000
Child Development 2 Years TR $3000
Justice 2 Years TR $3000
International Trade 2 Years TR $3000
Business Administration 2 Years TR $3000
Graphic Design 2 Years TR $3000
Computer Programming 2 Years TR $3000
Health Facility Management 2 Years TR $3000
Jewelry Design 2 Years TR $3000
Justice 2 Years TR $3000
Civil Aviation Services 2 Years TR $3000
Social Work 2 Years TR $3000
Child Development 2 Years TR $3000
Cooking 2 Years TR $3000
Computer Programming (OD) 2 Years TR $3000
Child Protection And Care Services 2 Years TR $3000
International Trade (Od) 2 Years TR $3000
Office Management And Secretary 2 Years TR $3000
Student accommodation :
The university provides safe student accommodation on 24/7 and existing employees on 7/24.
 It includes multiple choices for individual rooms, double rooms, and rooms for four people.
 There are also several services within the student accommodation, 
the most important of which are :
– electricity, heating, water, Wi-Fi
– they Can eat inside a restaurant or cook their own meals 
in a common kitchen.
– Washed at discounted prices
– normal and dry ironing
– Free cleaning of rooms by schedule
– Rooms for study
– Music room
– Gym
– Breakfast and Dinner Hall
– Large hall
– Special café


e residence

Room Type Basic Expenses Expenses + Daily meals
Single Room 5850 $ 7700 $
Double Room 4500 $ 5700 $
Triple Room 3600 $ 4350 $

The University accredited by :

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Altınbaş University  Location

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