Altinbas University

Altinbas University

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$3000 – $25000

About Altınbaş University

Altınbaş University was founded in 2008, Altınbaş University, it is a private non-profit educational institution located in Istanbul city, the university is now ranked 7086 globally, it’s accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK), and it has been ranked among the best private universities in Turkey.

The university is located in Istanbul, on the European side of the city, in the Bagcilar region, in the famous Mehmet Bey neighborhood.

Altınbaş University Features

  • Altınbaş university has 9 undergraduate schools, at the head of them are the medical school , which includes Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, as the university has has made remarkable progress recently in the medical and engineering fields as well as the various administrative fields .
  • Altınbaş university ranks well in terms of academic ranking among all Turkish universities as it is one of the best 100 universities in Turkey.
  • The university is also distinguished by its partnerships with several European countries, as well as its partnerships in the Erasmus group for student exchange program between universities worldwide.
  • The university has accreditation from the European Union and a number of Arab countries such as Iraq, Egypt and Jordan.
  • The university has made significant progress recently in the medical and engineering fields as well as in various administrative fields.

Altınbaş University  Faculties and Departments

Program Years Language Fees after discount
Economy 4EN3000$
Political Science And Public Administration4EN3000$
International Relations4EN3000$
International Logistics Management4EN3000$
International Trade4EN3000$
Software Engineering4EN4000$
Electrical And Electronics Engineering4EN4000$
Civil Engineering4EN4000$
Computer Engineering4EN4000$
Interior Design.4EN4000$
Mechanical Engineering4EN4000$
Business Administration4EN4000$
Industrial Engineering4EN/TR4000$
Film And Television4TR3000$
Jewelry Design4TR3000$
Social Work4TR3000$
Management Information Systems4TR3000$
Health Care Management4TR3000$
Software Engineering4TR3500$
Gastronomy And Culinary Arts4TR3500$
Graphic Design4TR3500$
Fashion And Textile Design4TR3500$
Interior Architecture And Environmental Design4TR4250$
  Turkish German Law (Jointly With The University Of Cologne / Germany)4TR4250$
Diploma Programs


2 YearsTR3000$
ProgramThesisLanguageFees after Discount
Electronics And Computer Engineering2EN4000$
Information Technology2EN4000$
Biomedical Sciences2EN4000$
Civil Engineering2EN4000$
Industrial Engineering2EN4000$
Mechanical Engineering2EN4000$
Business Administration (Mba)2EN/TR4500$
Political Science And International Relations2EN/TR4500$
Business Administration (Mba)2TR4000$
International Trade Law2TR4000$
Strategic Marketing And Branding2TR4000$
Public Rights2TR4000$
The Financial Economy2TR4000$
Accounting And Control2TR4000$
Arts And Design2TR4000$
Aesthetic Dentistry2TR16200$
Gum Disease Specialist2TR16200$
Pediatric Dentistry2TR16200$
ProgramYears Language Fees after Discount
Gum Disease4EN10000$
International Relations4EN10000$
Pharmacy Science4EN10000$
Electronics And Computer Engineering4EN10000$
Private Rights4TR10000$
Business Administration4TR10000$
Program Years Language Fees after Discount
Occupational Health And Safety2 YearsTR$3000
Social Work2 YearsTR$3000
Child Development2 YearsTR$3000
Justice2 YearsTR$3000
International Trade2 YearsTR$3000
Business Administration2 YearsTR$3000
Graphic Design2 YearsTR$3000
Computer Programming2 YearsTR$3000
Health Facility Management2 YearsTR$3000
Jewelry Design2 YearsTR$3000
Justice2 YearsTR$3000
Civil Aviation Services2 YearsTR$3000
Social Work2 YearsTR$3000
Child Development2 YearsTR$3000
Cooking2 YearsTR$3000
Computer Programming (OD)2 YearsTR$3000
Child Protection And Care Services2 YearsTR$3000
International Trade (Od)2 YearsTR$3000
Office Management And Secretary2 YearsTR$3000

Services provided inside the residence

Laundries at discounted prices

  • Ironing and dry ironing service
  • Free Rooms cleaning according to schedule
  • Study rooms
  • Unique coffee shop
  • Breakfast and dinner hall
  • A large shared Lounge


e residence

Room TypeBasic ExpensesExpenses + Daily meals
Single Room5850 $7700 $
Double Room4500 $5700 $
Triple Room3600 $4350 $
المصروفات بالاضافة الي وجبات الطعام اليوميةالمصروفات المقررةنوع الغرفة
7700 $5850 $غرفة مفردة
5700 $4500 $غرفة ثنائية
4350 $3600 $غرفة ثلاثية

Altınbaş University  Pictures

Altınbaş University  Location

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