What Is The ALES Test?

The ALES test is a taxonomic examination for the selection and distribution of students to Turkish universities for the post-graduate’s level, and is usually entered by students who want to enroll in government universities to complete their master’s studies, as well as for a PhD.

The Importance Of The ALES Test

All governmental universities in Turkey will require the student a paper document for the results of this exam when he apply for a seat to study for a master’s degree or PhD.

The minimum score for that test

The student must obtain a minimum of 50% as the degree of acceptance of passing this exam.

How To Take The Exam:

 Everyone who has been assured that he will obtain a Bachelor’s degree from Turkey (provided proof of it), Likewise, everyone who have a bachelor’s degree from Turkish universities, Also, the foreigner has the right to take this exam after he is able to equal the bachelor’s degree by the Turkish Ministry of Education and Higher Education.


Validity of exam result (ALES) is three years from the date of its issuance.

It is not required to take this exam for those who want to enroll in faculty of fine arts or the Conservatory.