The foreign student in Turkey spends about $ 400 to $ 500 a month, between food, residence, transportation and welfare.

The value of spending varies depending on the student, the standard of living he is willing to live in, the place of residence, the level of luxury, and the university in which he wishes to wants to join.


يقدر إجمالي التكاليف الشاملة للطالب الاجنبي الفرد خلال السنة الدراسية الواحدة كمايلي

Youth housing

يحتاج الطالب بشكل عام الى 1000-1500دولار اميريكي سنوياً في حال رغب الطالب السكن مع طلاب في سكن مشترك

Independent housing

يحتاج الطالب الاجنبي بشكل عام الى 2500-3500دولار اميريكي سنوياً تكاليف السكن اذا كان يريد السكن في بيت مستقل


Home cooking

The student generally needs 1000$ per year or less if he is willing to prepare his own food.

Fast Food

The student generally needs 1500-2000$ per year if he relies on fast food and restaurants.

Health expenses

The student obtains health insurance which helps him to reduce the health expenses whether it was a doctor’s examination or an operation in the hospital


The student needs up to 150 US dollars and this varies according to branch he is studying and the university he joined .


The student gets a discount transportation card for students, which provides the with about 70% discount , so student does not need more than 200 dollars a year for  transportation.