About us

We are an institution that has been working for years in the field of education. We started our team as university students, by helping and facilitating the affairs of the students abroad and inside.

And by our hardworking and after our students support we became universities agents and began to issue students acceptances from all universities without any fees from the beginning of their entry into the country until they receive the university ID and their residence is not, and our services are not restricted in this way. but after we help the students with their residence, we help them open their bank account, and our team is always available for any student inquiries or information.

  • Horizon Group works in the educational field and educational counceling and consulting within a multi-cadre.
  • Our institution is specialized in consulting and educational services. It has a partnership with institutions in most Arab and European countries, such as the SIC office in Northern Cyprus, Oyoun Qatar office in Doha and My Aspiration office in Malaysia, and we seek to cover most of the countries.
  • We seek to serve students in all fields of education, university, secondary and preparatory schools .
  • Horizon also covers all areas of education, including training courses and language studies (TOMER-TOEFL).
  • Contractors with the best universities in teaching languages as well
  • We seek to earn your trust wherever you are