Study Medicine In Turkey


Study Medicine in Turkey, this is a very cheap alternative to think about. For many students from different parts of the world, studying medicine remains a dream that is yet to be realized. For many of the prospective students, it is impossible or there are strict requirements for enrolling into medicine in their home countries.

Therefore, many brilliant prospective students gave up on their quest and dream of studying medicine. We are Here!!!  Do not give up!!! We will bring the hopes to actualize and make your dreams come true!

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General Medicine study : 6-years-program
Entry Requirements: international passport, and the high school transcripts and certificate

The standard period of studying is 6 years.
(Except for the year of preparation)

As in other countries, the first two years are filled with basic science.

From the 3rdyear you get a theoretical and practical introduction to the diseases.

4THAND 5THYEAR consist of clinical internships

6THYEAR: The last year of the medical studies is spent as a future practicing physician in the university hospital. You take on the duties of a regular doctor. Students in the 6thyear are called as ‘interns’. This is the preliminary stage of the assistant medical education in Turkey.

When you study medicine in Turkey, you will have the opportunity to come in contact with many nations to portray your culture in the midst of diversity. Turkey is a country for obtaining so many things and health tourism is one of such things, that is why studying medicine in turkey is nowadays considered by many prospective students. Patients from all over the world visits the country for their health perusal, and various health reasons such as cosmetic surgery. Most of these patients come from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Asia, Russia, and Europe. Thus it is going to be a great advantage for you to speak multiple languages as a medical practitioner.

The medical schools in Turkey are mostly based on the American and European teaching guidelines, so that graduates have possibilities to work on an English-speaking market such as Canada, United Kingdom, the united states of America and all english speaking nations.


Studying in turkey will give you the access to world class laboratories, latest technological advancements, a conducive atmosphere for educational and life perusing, you will also have the opportunity to be taught by world class professors, Doctors and masters in the field of medicine.

Not only that, you will have the opportunity to explore and have experience of the full international community because turkey as a cross road between three continents, you will experience the culture in the midst of diversity which will definitely establish a strong connection between you and the wider world.


It is very important to note that the prices vary around 10,000$ – 25,000$ on private universities.
It is also keenly important to know that these prices are without scholarships.

In general, one cannot compare the prices of medical studies in Turkey with the prices of medical schools in other countries, as the prices vary between countries and universities within the countries. If you are interested, look at the respective universities prices and compare them, then choose the university of your choice and leave the rest in our hands, we are here to help you, we are here for you.