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$2160 – $3750

$2160 – $3750

About Istanbul Gelişim University

Istanbul Gelişim University was founded in 2008 and is a private, non-profit Turkish university in Istanbul.

The Gelişim institution for Education, Culture, Health and Social Services has taken steps towards establishing a vocational school called ” Gelişim Vocational School”.

It is located in Istanbul on the European side, in the Avcilar area near Ataturk Airport.

Istanbul Gelişim University is one of the most preferred universities for international students.

Istanbul Gelişim University Features

Gelişim University aims to train students to become Leaderships, researchers, and investigators, with the highest level of ethical values, for a civilized and developed societies.

Istanbul Gelişim University opens the doors of exchanging experiences that students will remember throughout their lives through student exchange programs with more than 100 universities from different countries all over the world.

accredited by the Turkish Council of Higher Education, and accredited by the European Union, Which contributes to the expansion of the student exchange program globally.

Istanbul Gelişim University has about 31,000 local and international students, studying at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The university offers about 57 undergraduate programs through 3 colleges, 3 graduate institutes, 4 schools for different specializations with a two-year system, two vocational schools, 27 master’s programs and 6 doctoral programs.

Istanbul Gelişim University Faculties and Departments

ProgramYears Language Fees After
Civil Engineering4  EN$3750
Architecture4  EN$3750
Economy And Finance4  EN$3750
Aviation Sciences And Management4  EN$3750
English Language And Literature4  EN$3750
Business Administration4  EN$3750
Administration4  EN$3750
Psychology4  EN$3750
Political Science And Public Relations4  EN$3750
Political Science And International Relations4  EN$3750
Logistics  Management  And Transportation4  EN$3750
International Trade4  EN$3750
Nursing4  EN$3750
Nutrition And Dietetics4  EN$3750
Child Development4  EN$3750
Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation4  EN$3750
Social Work4  EN$3750
Aviation Engineering4  TR$3500
Computer  Engineering4  TR$3500
Electrical And Electronics Engineering4  TR$3500
Civil Engineering4  TR$3500
Mechatronics Engineering4  TR$3500
Industrial Engineering4  TR$3500
Architecture4  TR$3500
Economy And Finance4  TR$3500
Public Relations And Advertising4  TR$3500
Aviation Sciences And Management4  TR$3500
Administration4  TR$3500
Psychology4  TR$3500
Radio, Cinema And Television4  TR$3500
Political Science And International Relations4  TR$3500
Political Science And Public Administration4  TR$3500
Sociology4  TR$3500
Tourist Guiding4  TR$3500
Turkish Language And Literature4  TR$3500
International Business Administration And Trade4  TR$3500
Logistics  Management And Transportation4  TR$3500
International Trade4  TR$3500
New Media4  TR$3500
Management Information Systems4  TR$3500
Gastronomy And Culinary Arts4  TR$3500
Graphic Deign4  TR$3500
Interior Design4  TR$3500
Interior Architecture And Landscape Design4  TR$3500
Advertising And Communication Design4  TR$3500
Fashion And Textile Design4  TR$3500
Film And Television4  TR$3500
Nursing4  TR$3500
Nutrition And Dietetics4  TR$3500
Child Development4  TR$3500
Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation4  TR$3500
Occupational Therapy4  TR$3500
Audiology4  TR$3500
Social Work4  TR$3500
Health Care Management4  TR$3500
Perfusion4  TR$3500
Training Of Trainers4  TR$3500
Exercise And Sports Science4  TR$3500
Recreational Activities Learning4  TR$3500
Sports Management4  TR$3500
Orthotics And Prostheses4  TR$3500
Two-Year Programs  (Diploma)4  TR$2750
Preparatory Year For Language StudyOne levelTR$ 250
Preparatory Year For Language StudyOne YearEN$3750
Program ThesisLanguage Program cost
Economy And Financewithout ThesisEN$3000
Political Science And International Relationswithout ThesisEN$3000
Training Scienceswithout ThesisEN$3000
  Business Administrationwithout ThesisEN$3000
Economy And FinanceThesisEN$3500
Training SciencesThesisEN$3500
Political Science And International RelationsThesisEN$3500
  Business AdministrationThesisEN$3500
  Business Administration (Od)without ThesisEN / TR$3000
Electrical And Electronics EngineeringThesisEN / TR$3500
Political Science And Public RelationsThesisEN / TR$3500
Civil Engineeringwithout ThesisTR$3000
Health Care Managementwithout ThesisTR$3000
Nutrition And Dieteticswith / without ThesisTR$3000
Public Relations And Advertisingwithout ThesisTR$3000
Psychologywithout ThesisTR$3000
International Logistics And Transportationwithout ThesisTR$3000
Health Care Organizations Managementwithout ThesisTR$3000
Health Care Managementwithout ThesisTR$3000
Political Science And International Relationswithout ThesisTR$3000
Sociologywithout ThesisTR$3000
Occupational Health And Safetywith / without ThesisTR$3000
Training Scienceswithout ThesisTR$3000
Business Administrationwithout ThesisTR$3000
Clinical Psychologywithout ThesisTR$3000
Economy And Financewithout ThesisTR$3000
Sports Managementwithout ThesisTR$3000
Electrical And Electronics Engineeringwithout ThesisTR$3500
Civil EngineeringThesisTR$3500
Health Care ManagementThesisTR$3500
Mechatronics EngineeringThesisTR$3500
Sports ManagementThesisTR$3500
Addiction PsychologyThesisTR$3500
Business AdministrationThesisTR$3500
Economy And FinanceThesisTR$3500
Health Care ManagementThesisTR$3500
  Health Care Organizations ManagementThesisTR$3500
Political Science And International RelationsThesisTR$3500
Security StudiesThesisTR$3500
Visual Communication DesignThesisTR$3500
Training SciencesThesisTR$3500
Culinary Artswith / without ThesisTR$3500
International Trade And Logisticswith / without ThesisTR$3500
Engineering Managementwith / without ThesisTR$3500
Physiotherapy And Rehabilitationwith / without ThesisTR$3500
New Media, Journalism And CommunicationThesisTR$3500
Aviation ManagementThesisTR$3750
Aviation Managementwithout ThesisTR$3750
ProgramYearsLanguage Fees after Discount
Civil Engineering4 YearsTR$8000
Business Administration4 YearsTR$8000
Economy And Finance4 YearsTR$8000
Political Science And International Relations4 YearsTR$8000
Culinary Arts4 YearsTR$8000
Exercise Science And Training4 YearsTR$8000
ProgramYearsLanguageFees after Discount
Civil Aviation Transportation Department2EN2750 $
Civil Aviation Cabin Services2EN2750 $
International Trade2EN / TR2750 $
English Translation And Application2EN / RU$2750
Dental Technology2TR$2750
Pharmacy Services2TR$2750
Air Transport2TR$2750
Aircraft Technology2TR$2750
Architectural Decorative Arts2TR$2750
Automotive Technology2TR$2750
Banking And Insurance2TR$2750
Computer Programming2TR$2750
Computer Technology2TR$2750
Computer Animation Design2TR$2750
Construction Technology2TR$2750
Gastronomy And Culinary Arts2TR$2750
Fashion Design2TR$2750
Aviation Operations Management2TR$2750
Food Technology2TR$2750
Graphic Design2TR$2750
Human Resource Management2TR$2750
Interior Design2TR$2750
Maritime And Ports Management2TR$2750
Occupational Health And Safety2TR$2750
Publishing Printing Techniques2TR$2750
Photography And Videography2TR$2750
Public Relations And Advertising2TR$2750
Radio And Television Programs2TR$2750
Social Work2TR$2750
Sports Management2TR$2750
Tourist Guides2TR2750$
Biomedical Devices Technology2TR2750$
Child Development2TR2750$
First Aid2TR2750$
Food Quality Control2TR2750$
Hair And Beauty Care Services2TR2750$
Health Organizations Management2TR2750$
Medical Documentation And Secretarial2TR2750$
Medical Imaging Techniques2TR2750$
Operating Room Services2TR2750$
Medical Laboratory Techniques2TR2750$
Mouth And Dental Health2TR2750$
Orthotics And Prosthetics2TR2750$
Pathological Laboratory Techniques2TR2750$
Perfusion Techniques2TR2750$
Medical Marketing2TR2750$

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