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We are an institution that has been working for years in the field of education We started as a team of university students where we began our career in helping and running the affairs of students abroad and inside We started our career as a team of university students where we were always in helping students And Step by step and thanks to the support of our students we became authorized agents of Turkish universities. Our mission is not only issuing university Acceptances for our students from around the world without charging any fees for registration or our services. But as well we help our students for obtaining student residence, finding suitable housing, opening a bank account, and helping them in all areas they need. Our team is always available to help our students as they need in any query or assistance is required.

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If you have an educational institution or a director of an educational services office in an Arab or foreign country and would like to ensure that your students are accepted without registration fees at the private Turkish universities through our distinguished team

NEW HORIZONS EDUCATION | الدراسة في تركيا

my school rate qualifies me to which colleges?

If you are a high school student “Baccalaureate – Tawjihi”

Or from industrial or commercial certificate student .

Medical Colleges :
Science section 85%
Engineering colleges :
Science section 75%
Administrative and literary colleges:
Science or literary section 65%